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Baby Bottle Warmer RLB918

  • PTC technology for safe and fast heating ,no hot spots.
  • LED display real time temperature.
  • Intelligent microcomputer controller for exactly temperature of healthy feeding.
  • Keep at a constant temperature automatically
  • LED indication for setting and heating termination
  • No hazardous substances ,PP material BPA free
  • Multi-function: 40°C/65 °C for milk, 65 °C /80°C for baby food, 99°C for sterilizer
  • Special bowl for food warm ,and with volume scale for adding water
  • Suitable for most standard bottle ,diameter is 76MM

Product Name:
Baby Food Electric Food Warmer bottle
AC120 OR 240V 50/60 Hz
PP Compliance To ROHS
PTC Technology
Food Bowl:
With Cover
100W (When AC240V)
Unit Size:
Blue,Pink,Yellow ,Customized

Packaging & Delivery
1,Product size : 155 x 124 x 153.5mm ,Packed With Q Gift Box
2,One Set Parts : Device Unit 1 pc ,Food Bowl Unit 1 pc ,Bowl Cover Unit 1 pc ,Isolated Frame 1 pc ,User Manual 1 pc

Port  shenzhen
Baby Bottle Warmer RLB918

Main Feature

1, LED Light Indication : 
     Green------------Ready for feeding 
2,LED Display 
   A. Display accurate temperature
   B.Display for appointment timer 
3,Plastic tray for bottle standing 
   Escape heat spot 
4,PTC Technology 
  Save energy ,fast heating up ,constant temperature ,safety 
5,Anti- Dry Function 
6,Food Bowl 
   With cover for baby food warming , bowl with scales to adding water 
Baby Bottle Warmer RLB918

Just 5 minutes to restore the true nutrition of breast milk
It's time for a diaper change, the milk will be hot.
Milk temperature control black technology Drink at any time 24 hours a day
24 hours long-lasting constant temperature, ±1°C precise temperature control. No need to prepare in advance, the baby is hungry to make milk quickly
It only takes 30 seconds to complete: 5 seconds to draw water, 15 seconds to pour milk powder, 10 seconds to shake
Baby Bottle Warmer RLB918

China Supplier Warmer milk heater for whoesale

LED display real time temperature
No hazardous substances 
PP material BPA free
Special bowl for food warm, and with volume scale for adding water
Suitable for most standard bottle, diamter is 76MM
Milk constantly circulates during heating sO it warms quickly and evenly with no hotspots
Defrost setting for frozen breast milk or food
Compatible with most baby bottle brands and baby food jars
Baby Bottle Warmer RLB918

The perfect fit

Smart features include an easy-to-use programmable LCD Control Panel with preferred cycle settings. Its simple design offers an easy-to-read keypad with both audio and visual alerts that let you know when a warming cycle is complete. The Deluxe Bottle Warmer is about safety first, using electric steam to gently warm bottles. Plus, it has an auto shut-off 60 seconds after a cycle is complete.
Fast warming times. Quick one-button start
Baby Bottle Warmer RLB918

Breastfeeding like a war?
Turmoil of war

Regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter, what can make you easier to conceive a baby than a breast warmer?
Traditional arm temperature measurement cause milk temperature to be too cold or too hot.
Thaw breast milk don't know how to preserve nutrition.
Warm milk too long, baby crying
Why is temperature control more accurate than other brands?
Relish has an external NTC thermistor metal resistance, which is directly in contact with water, and the instant temperature sensing is more sensitive, accurate to every 1°C

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