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Pull-out Travel Water Flosser RLI505

Model Number
Tank Capacity
Working Mode
2 working modes (continuous mode, pointing mode): each mode has 3 gears: gentle, pulse, strong
Water Proof
Battery and Life
2000mAh Li-ion battery, 30days/60 minutes
Magnetic charging/Fully charged in 2.5h
Water Pressure
1700 pulse/minute
Pulse Frequency
40-120 PSI
Water tank with retractable design, more convenient to store and carry

Pull-out Travel Water Flosser RLI505

Pull-out Travel Water Flosser

R05 Water Flosser is an oral care product designed for people who want to maintain the hygiene and health of their teeth and gums

The advanced electronic control system makes the operation more simple and convenient.
The strong, pulsating jet of water rinses out food debris where the toothbrush cannot reach.
Gentle pulsating water spray can gently massage the gums, making teeth healthier.
Two modes of operation (continuous mode and jogging mode); each mode has 3 levels: gentle, pulsating and powerful, corresponding to three gear indicator.
Pull-out Travel Water Flosser RLI505


Model Name: RLI505
Water tank capacity: 180ml
Voltage in: 100-240VAC @50/60 Hz
Maximum Power: 5W
Modes: 3 modes, Soft(40PS); Pulse(40~90PSI); Normal(≥9OPSI)
Empty flow: 180ml/min
Motor rotation in RPM:1700pulse/minute
Noise level:≤75dB
Waterproof: IPX7
Battery: Li-ion battery(752065,1100mAh)
Usage time: ≥40 minutes
Charging time: ≤3h

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