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  • Oral irrigator is an integrated water pump that produces a focused jet of water that removes food debris and plaque, which can help create healthier gums and teeth. You can sourcing and order oral irrigators from Relish at factory price, Including portable water flosser, countertop water flosser, pull-out water flosser, Mini travel water flosser, etc. Direct factory selling, FDA approved, CE, CB, FCC, RoHS certified. OEM service offered, private label available.

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    The oral irrigator is a dental hygiene device that works thanks to a pressurized water jet and whose objective is to achieve a deeper cleaning in the softest areas of the mouth such as the gums and the beginning of the tooth, two of the areas where more food remains accumulate.
    How to use this product water flosser
    The use of this oral irrigator is recommended to all those who seek to have a more precise and complete dental hygiene, although it is true that professionals in this sector recommend the use of the oral irrigator to people with dental implants, people with gum diseases such as gingivitis (the most common), and people with orthodontics.
    One of the main objectives of this device is to allow a more complete cleaning, which leaves the gums healthier since through the use of the irrigator more bacterial plaque is eliminated, bleeding of the gums is reduced, it prevents to a greater extent the appearance of of cavities, reduces bad breath and prevents the formation of tartar.
    All people who use the oral irrigator must bear in mind that it is a complement to other dental cleaners such as toothbrushes or dental floss and that it is not, therefore, a substitute element.
    There is no unanimity of criteria in the oral sector when it comes to recommending the use of an irrigator, so you can use it after brushing your teeth or after flossing. What the experts do share is that the time of use should not exceed five minutes.
    All irrigators, regardless of the brand, are made up of a pump, a water tank and nozzles through which the pressurized water comes out. In addition, three types can be found: Portable, Countertop that is plugged into the electrical network, and the tap irrigator.

    Countertop Oral Irrigator

    Countertop Oral Irrigator
    The countertop is the basic type of oral irrigator. Although there are technical issues with the battery, etc., the stationary type has been the mainstream since the 1970s and has matured as a product. The structure is simple, so it seems that there is a tendency to use it for a long time with few failures.

    Even if the contents of the tank become heavy, it does not affect usability much, so it is possible to install a large-capacity water tank, so it can be used continuously for about 2 to 3 minutes. Because it can be made to be more powerful, it will blow away plaque firmly with high water pressure.
    However, the washroom must have enough space and outlets. However, for those who want durability and power, the countertop is recommended.

    Portable Oral Irrigator

    Portable Oral Irrigator
    Portable is recommended for people who cannot secure a power supply or who have a small washroom.

    The advantage of the handy type is its convenience. Even if you use it in a compact washroom in an apartment or condominium, it will not get in the way unlike the stationary type. In addition, since it is rechargeable with a built-in battery, it can be used in places where there is no outlet. It does not get in the way even when placed around the sink, and it is attractive that it does not add bulk when stored when not in use.

    As a disadvantage, the water tank has a small capacity, so the injection time is short, and if you use it for a long time, you need to add water on the way. Also, some models weaken the water pressure as the battery level decreases.
    This handy type is recommended for those who are new to using an oral irrigator, those who want to try it first, or those who do not want to place large items in the washroom.

    Tap irrigator

    Tap irrigator
    The tap irrigator takes up no countertop space because you attach it to your faucet in seconds – only when needed. It’s powered by your faucet, not electricity, which means no noisy motor. There’s no reservoir to refill and no battery to recharge, so you’re ready to use anytime by simply turning on the water. Easy to use for all ages. The device is powered by the faucet, water only flows when the faucet is turned on. In order to shut off the water flow, one simply turns off the faucet.
    These products can be used whenever you want, although its use is not recommended when you have sores or canker sores. It should also be noted that the oral irrigator can be used by all the members of the family who want to, since this device has interchangeable nozzles that allow it to be used by more than one person.