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  • Exhibitions to attend 2023

    China Export Commodities Fair also known as the Canton Fair Shanghai Dental Show Chicago Housewares Show AWE Shanghai

  • Electric toothbrush head Newest Metal-free Planting

    Non-copper sheet hair planting technology is currently the international leading hair planting technology of toothbrush head. Due to its less harm to oral cavity and higher stability

  • Can Water Flosser Improve Teeth and Gum Health?

    Awkward, tedious, problematic - I have a problem with flossing. What do tests say about the oral irrigator as an alternative? A powerful jet of water at the push of a button becomes a practical substit

  • Water Flosser (Oral Irrigator), everything you need or want to know.

    You should use the oral irrigator every day after brushing your teeth, especially in the evening. In the evening we have the most plaque and leftover food between our teeth, which should not be deposit

  • Is the Water Flosser a Medical Device?

    The water flosser is FDA-certified and belongs to the first-class medical registration of the FDA. FDA is the abbreviation of the Food and Drug Administration of the United States.

  • The History of Water Flosser

    water flosser, also called oral irrigator, is a household oral cleaning device. In 1962, Gerald Moyer, an American dentist, and John Mattingly, an engineer, invented the first water flosser in Fort Col

  • Water Flosser Test Reviews ᐅ Water Flosser Comparison 2022

    We've checked out the best water flosser for you. In our comparison you will find current test winners and the latest models. We update the page monthly so you are always up to date.

  • Water Flosser Reviews by Dentists in Essen

    Water Flosser Reviews by Hayim Dentists in Essen: For a fresh feeling in the mouth and useful as a supplement to the toothbrush . Unfortunately powerless against hard surfaces. If possible, prefer dent

  • Electric Toothbrush Comparison! Test, Information and Experiences

    Comparison of 3 types of electric toothbrush: electric, sonic or ultrasonic?Rotating or oscillating? Electric toothbrushes can be divided into three different technologies, which also differ in applica

  • how to verify chinese companies through a certificate

    It is quite common for some Chinese companies to use fake or modified certificates. In this article we present 4 ways that you can use to verify Chinese company are true, thus ensuring the reliability

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