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Date:2021-11-17 16:35

water flosser, also known as oral irrigator, is a novel oral cleaning tool. With the popularization of electric toothbrushes, water flosser has attracted more and more attention.
Although there are many types of oral irrigators, they all have a water tank, an electric motor that drives a pump, and a special nozzle. The motor and pump force a stream of pressurized water to flow from the tank, through the nozzle and between your teeth to remove food particles and bacteria.
There are generally four different types of oral irrigators: tabletop, cordless or battery-powered, shower flosser and faucet flosser, the compact and cordless design provides greater maneuverability.
In China, most of the manufacturers producing water flosser also produce electric toothbrushes at the same time. Relish Technology as the industry leading water flosser oem factory, is committed to creating high-quality water flosser to meet the market demand and becoming a first-class research and development of water flosser, design and customize OEM enterprises.

Relish water flosser factory strength

water flosser factory-Shenzhen Relish Technology Co., Ltd. provides water flosser OEM/ODM services and 100% produces water flosser according to customers' needs. In addition, we are partners of large enterprises such as Wal-Mart and Best Buy. Since 2012, export products are made all the year round, with 20000 m² factory parks, advanced production equipment, standardized production process and strict quality control, creating high-quality and reasonable-priced products.
When working with us, we will arrange for a dedicated account manager to interface with you. He/she will help you determine the best supply chain solution to meet your needs.

Water flosser ODM Labeling Cooperation

Relish has strong development and production capacity, developing more than 20 new products every year for customers to choose from, to meet customers' needs for different types and styles of clothing labeling.


Water flosser OEM processing cooperation

Relish has 12 production lines and more than 200 employees to ensure high quality, high efficiency, low cost and on-time delivery of water flosser OEM production.
We have the perfect solution for special situations such as low MOQ, short lead time, and manpower shortage. Based on our corporate values, we will provide you with the best quality, the fastest delivery and the best price, no matter what direction you choose to take your project.

water flosser OEM cooperation mode

1. The brand owner owns full intellectual property rights of the product: The appearance, structure and electronic component design of the customer-supplied products, responsible for production tasks such as product mold design, mold production, plastic injection molding, electronic component procurement, incoming material detection, processing, assembly, testing, packaging, etc; the brand has the intellectual property rights of the product; Without the authorization of the brand, Relish technology has no right to provide production services for other brands.
2. Relish Technology owns full intellectual property rights of products: Relish Science and Technology is responsible for the design and manufacture of product appearance, structure and electronic components, and bears the cost of production auxiliary tools such as moulds on its own; Relish science and technology can authorize multiple brands to sell this product in the domestic market; relish Technology owns full intellectual property rights of this product.

water flosser factory-introduction of Relish technology company

The company has a professional research and development, production, sales and after-sales service team, and is a medium-sized high-tech innovative enterprise.
Relish technology adopts imported advanced equipment and modern science and technology, based on scientific and technological innovation, constantly optimizes and perfects the company's management system, and strictly controls the product quality through strict quality inspection links, provide customers with high-quality and detailed products and services.
The company has passed ISO9001 certification and obtained CE,RoHS,FCC,SGS,FDA and other certifications, and has applied for invention patent, utility model patent and appearance design patent. The products are exported to the United States, Australia, countries and regions such as Europe and Asia.

Shipping, delivery and service

We ship via DHL, UPS, TNT normally and the delivery lead time is normally 7-15 working days for in-stock, 30-45 days for OEM/ODM, we provide one year warranty service. We accept Paypal, Western Union, TT. Please do only pay to the official account authorized by Relish.
Professional water flosser OEM factory and manufacturer for over 10 years. We appreciate your cooperation. Customers at home and abroad are welcome to visit, guide and negotiate business. Let's work together! 


Q1 "What is your MOQ?"
A1 If you need our exisitng electronic toothbrush, the MOQ is 50pcs. If you want to customize the box and the color and the brush head, the moq is 1000pcs.
Q2 "Do you provide sample? Is it free or free of charge?
A2 A small amount of samples does not require a charger, the buyer has to bear the transportation cost ".
Q3 Is OEM/ODM available?
A3 Yes, OEM/ODM is available. and our MOQ is 2000 pcs for most products. Contact us for more details."
Q4 "Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?
A4 We are a manufacturer that has specialized in dental products for more than 20 years. We invite you to visit our factory ".

As a professional manufacturer of electric toothbrush and oral irrigator / water flosser, Shenzhen Relish provides various types of electric toothbrush wholesale and OEM customized services. You can also wholesale water flosser from Relish at factory price. We can provide you highly competitive prices and look forward to working with you.

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