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  • You can wholesale all types of electric toothbrushes from Relish at factory price, starting from 50 for in-stock and 1000 for OEM service. FDA approved. CE certified. Fast delivery worldwide, the highest quality for less.

    Electric Toothbrushes - Types & How They Work

    There are three main types of electric toothbrushes:
    • • rotary electric toothbrush
    • • sonic electric toothbrush
    • • ultrasonic electric toothbrush

    With the rotary electric toothbrush, the oscillating brush head rotates between 3,000 and 7,500 per minute to remove plaque with the bristles. This is the oldest form of electric toothbrush.
    The sonic electric toothbrush achieves between 30,000 to 40,000 reciprocations per minute through sonic technology to keep teeth and gums healthy and clean. The most modern technology is the electric ultrasonic sonic toothbrush, here, electromagnetic ultrasonic vibrations are generated instead of high-frequency mechanical vibrations as with the sonic toothbrush. This enables up to 1.6 million pulses per second .
    Compared to the manual toothbrush, these are very impressive numbers. During manual dental care , around 250 to 350 movements are generated per minute . Your teeth come into contact with the manual toothbrush around 600 times within the recommended two-minute brushing time.

    Additional functions and accessories of electric toothbrush

    Depending on the manufacturer and model, different functions and additional accessories are offered. Some functions are essential from our point of view, but you don't necessarily need others. We have put together a clear overview of which ones exist and which ones really make sense.

    Timer Function

    In our opinion, this function is extremely useful. It signals you exactly when the optimal cleaning time has been reached. If you brush your teeth with a normal manual toothbrush, you usually only estimate the time and it is often well under the recommended 2 minutes. There are two different timer functions and many models even include both as an option.

    The classic 2-minute timer

    The classic 2-minute timer signals when the full 2 ​​minutes have been reached via a vibration. Many models even switch off automatically afterwards.

    The quadrant timer

    The quadrant timer is even more accurate than the classic 2-minute timer because it gives a hint every 30 seconds. So you know exactly how long you have to brush each of the four jaw quadrants and clean all teeth evenly.

    Pressure control or pressure sensor

    The pressure control is also a very useful and indispensable function. Unless you're already a pro at using an electric or sonic toothbrush and know exactly how much pressure to apply.
    Because we are used to it from a manual toothbrush, we usually apply far too much pressure when brushing, which can be extremely harmful. Too much pressure leads to damage to the tooth enamel, tooth enamel degradation and injury to the gums.
    Tooth enamel protects your teeth from damage caused by acid, sugar and the like. If this becomes brittle or breaks down, harmful bacteria can attack the tooth substance more quickly and damage the teeth. Caries and co have it much easier now.
    The pressure control warns you if you are applying too much pressure while brushing your teeth and is therefore a very useful function. On some models, an acoustic warning tone is emitted, on others there is a visual pressure control in which an LED light or LED ring lights up red.


    UV disinfection

    What initially sounds like an indispensable high-tech function is, on closer inspection, rather controversial. UV disinfection is used in many hospitals to kill harmful bacteria and has been proven to be effective.
    After each use, bacteria from the cleaning process also accumulate on the brush head, which should be killed with the help of UV disinfection. UV disinfection is usually only found in premium devices, such as the  Philips toothbrush Relish RLT231 UV Electric Toothbrush.
    After use, place the brush head in the integrated UV cleaning device for a few minutes, which can kill 99% of bacteria.

    Additional apps for electric toothbrush

    Some manufacturers, such as the  Relish toothbrush, offer loading an intelligent app with personalized tooth brushing coaching. For example, the Relish RLT229 or RLT226 are compatible. Pay attention to the Bluetooth symbol on the packaging.
    You load the app onto your mobile phone and connect it to the base station or handpiece via Bluetooth. Then you can, for example, enter your weak spots in the mouth area and have the app remind you to brush them particularly thoroughly.
    You can also record your brushing behavior and a visual 3D image shows you which teeth you neglected to brush. The app also shows you when you should change your brush head and has also integrated the appropriate Amazon link.
    Other apps, such as the  Relish RLT229 sonic toothbrush, record your individual brushing sessions and show you exactly how long you brushed in total and whether you applied too much pressure. You can also enter whether you used dental floss, an oral irrigator or a tongue cleaner.
    The individual brushing processes are clearly stored so that you have a detailed overview of your tooth brushing behavior.


    Customized electric toothbrush for AD

    Customized electric toothbrush can be used as merchandising by travel agencies, as amenities in hotels and resorts, or to advertise in dental clinics and businesses related to oral care. So that you have variety, we present you with a good collection of models: folding toothbrushes designed for air travel, sonic brushes with built-in bases and even some models that are included in individual boxes.
    In any of the cases, you can integrate your logo on the toothbrushes by screen printing or laser. With screen printing you will have very intense colors that will improve your brand image while the laser will leave very delicate and attractive finishes. It is a very suitable gift to use during our holidays, and people will use it by taking it with them in their toiletry bags.

    How to choose Customized electric toothbrush?

    To create an advertising campaign with Customized electric toothbrush you need to have variety. You'll need collapsible toothbrushes for workers who travel frequently; but if you want to give them to the smallest of the house you will need children's models for children. You can also sell them in your business as a hygienic item for daily use, so we have models that come in their own box to improve presentation.
    In any case, we assure you a great variety that will respond to these characteristics:
    • • Colors. You will have different colored toothbrushes to perfectly match your logo.
    • • The quality of our toothbrushes is reflected in the use of good materials that will stand the test of time. Offering merchandising that lasts is key to any marketing technique.
    • • Personalization options. You will be able to capture your logo, slogan or characteristic phrase without complications. We have several marking techniques with which you will achieve a quality marking that allows you to highlight your corporate image 

    Cheaper electric toothbrush as you go up

    There are few websites that offer Customized electric toothbrush. Being a manufacturer, we have a scalar price system that will reduce the unit price of toothbrushes when you go over 50 units . This will allow us to have the cheapest prices possible so that you have a greater margin to achieve a really attractive customization. The objective is to reach the homes of all people with these basic necessities and make them aware of your brand image, or as a reminder of the services you offer.

    Why bet on Customized electric toothbrush?

    Marketing experts say that one of the best ways we have to reach the potential customer is to take a look at those things that they can use on a daily basis, and add some kind of differentiating element to them that helps them remember our company. Customized electric toothbrush are one of them since we use them daily to offer the best smile and maintain adequate oral hygiene that avoid visiting the dentist.
    So that you can choose the most suitable model, we have at your disposal a wide variety of cheap toothbrushes so that you can carry out an advertising campaign with great success.
    If you are interested in giving these toothbrushes as a gift, you may be interested in purchasing a product from our oral care set, where you can purchase incredible batches of daily hygiene products at factory prices.