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Design your own toothbrush for advertising

Personalized toothbrushes for advertising

Personalized toothbrushes can be used as merchandising by travel agencies, as amenities in hotels and resorts, or for advertising in dental clinics and oral care related businesses. To give you variety, we present a good collection of models: manual folding toothbrushes with dental floss on the other end, electric toothbrush with built-in charging bases and even some models that come in individual boxes.

In any of the cases you will be able to integrate your logo on the toothbrushes by silk-screen printing or laser. With screen printing you will have very intense colors that will enhance your brand image while laser printing will leave very delicate and attractive finishes. It is a very suitable gift to use during our vacations, and people will use them taking them with them in their toiletry bags.

How to design your own toothbrush?

To create an advertising campaign with personalized toothbrushes you need to have variety. You will need collapsible toothbrushes in case of workers who travel frequently; but if you want to give them to the little ones in the house you will need children's toothbrush models. You can also sell them in your business as a hygienic item for daily use, so we have models that come in their own box to improve the presentation.

In any case we assure you a great variety that will respond to these characteristics:

  • Colors. You will have toothbrushes in different colors to perfectly match your logo.
  • The quality of our toothbrushes is reflected in the use of good materials that will stand the test of time. Offering merchandising that is long lasting is key to any marketing technique.
  • Customization options. Your logo, slogan or tagline can be printed without complications. We have several marking techniques that will allow you to achieve a quality marking that will allow your corporate image to stand out.

Cheaper toothbrushes as you go up in quantity

There are few websites that offer personalized toothbrushes. As we are a manufacturer supporting stock availability, we have a scalar pricing system that will reduce the unit price of toothbrushes when you go over 100 units. This will make us have the most economical prices possible so that you have a greater margin to get a really attractive customization. The goal is to reach everyone's homes with these basic necessities and make them aware of your brand image, or as a reminder of the services you offer.

Why go for personalized toothbrushes?

Marketing experts say that one of the best ways we have to reach the potential customer is to take a look at those things they may use on a daily basis, and add in them some kind of differentiating element that will help them remember our company. Personalized toothbrushes is one of them since we use them daily to offer the best smile and maintain a good oral hygiene to avoid visits to the dentist.

So that you can choose the most suitable model, we have at your disposal a great variety of affordable toothbrushes so that you can carry out an advertising campaign with a huge success.

If you are interested in giving these toothbrushes as a gift, maybe you are interested in acquiring some products from our bath set or lip balm sections, where you can buy at factory prices incredible lots of products for daily hygiene.

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