Can Water Flosser Improve Teeth and Gum Health?

Date:2022-12-14 17:28

What do tests say about the water flosser as an alternative?

A powerful jet of water at the push of a button becomes a practical substitute for dental floss ? If that were the case, water flossers would have deserved much more attention in tests and online feedback. But an water flosser is a special water flosser device that you only use as a supplement to an electrically operated toothbrush or a manual toothbrushshould use - but not more.

Dentists, health insurance companies and testers regularly emphasize that the use of dental floss is not made superfluous by an water flosser. The water flosser from an water flosser is never strong enough to remove stubborn plaque from your teeth. Conversely, the water flosser can even be responsible for introducing bacteria into minor injuries, tooth pockets or inflamed gums.

So if you think the decision to invest more money for the good feeling of more dental and oral hygiene will be made easier for you by an water flosser, you'll be disappointed: For good oral hygiene, dental floss is more important than a toothbrush than an water flosser. Some experts even go so far as to dismiss the water flosser as superfluous - at best it is an aid in a time when many people do not even take enough time for normal dental hygiene - and another unnecessary burden. It would be better to ensure that at least dental floss became a standard utensil before users were forced to use other products to care for their teeth.

water flossers as a revolution in dental care?

You can simply fill the water tank of the Philips Sonicare AirFloss with tap water. 

Even outstanding water flossers like the Philips Sonicare AirFloss cannot revolutionize oral hygiene. Like dental floss, it also reaches the spaces between your teeth through a combination of air and water - this is ideal if you don't like using dental floss. In the test by ETM Testmagazin , it also delivered good results in terms of the test criteria of handling, cleaning result and functionality , but left important points untouched: If the jet pressure could be set to a lower value, the risk of irritating the teeth and sensitive gums would also be lower.

Philips Sonicare Airfloss Versus Waterpik water flossers: Which Are Better?

The difference between the two device variants lies primarily in the technology: While the Sonicare Airfloss uses compressed air to accelerate the finest water droplets in order to chase them into the gaps, the Waterpik water flossers or interdental cleaners (e.g. Waterpik Traveler WP -300 , Waterpik WP-260 , Waterpik WP-861 , Waterpik Ultra WP-100E4 or Waterpik Flosser ) to classic systems without extensive technical modifications - e.g. B. water flossers with a strong mono-jet, which are intended to remove food particles and unwanted residues from the teeth. The ETM test magazineputs it in a nutshell: Because the water in the tank mixes with the compressed air, the Sonicare Airfloss model is able to thoroughly clean the spaces between the teeth.

What about high-pressure water flossers?

If you are thinking about removing loose plaque or leftover food as easily as possible, a simple water flosser can definitely help. When choosing your water flosser, make sure you choose an adjustable water flosser : starting with a low setting can make it easier for you to use. With increasing experience, you can choose stronger levels and get used to the tickling in your mouth - provided you have healthy gums and no injuries in the mouth.

A hard jet is not necessarily better than a moderate one - on the contrary.If the water flosser were really hard, your gums would not be massaged as desired, but injured. Bleeding gums can also occur in users with sensitive gums. An water flosser is therefore ideal for cleaning the spaces between the teeth and areas that are difficult or impossible to reach with a toothbrush and floss. However, it can never provide the same cleaning performance in the other areas of the mouth while treating it gently at the same time.

What about the massage effect, fresher mouth and smoother teeth?

For all these additional effects, water flossers are actually useful devices. Because there are now water flossers that not only rinse out the spaces between your teeth, but also give you many other options for oral hygiene than leaving you alone with the dubious promise of plaque removal or time-saving cleaning. With a special massage function you can, for example, strengthen your gums and clean your tongue with additional attachments . This gives water flossers the benefit of fighting bad breath. Many users report that cleaning the tongue with an water flosser is much more pleasant than scraping the tongue with a toothbrush or a tongue cleaner. Individual models with a rapid impact of a water-air mixture are also said to leave teeth feeling smoother, like after a professional tooth cleaning.

water flosser vs. dental floss: doesn't a hygiene problem also make the difference?

By doing without a cable, water hose and stationary water tank, travel oral irrigators such as the USB rechargeable travel water flosser with an integrated tank are much more practical on the go.

In fact, water flossers have another problem: they are susceptible to contamination. Starting with the water tank up to the nozzle itself, germs are only too happy to spread, which can thrive perfectly in a humid environment. If you don't clean your water flosser regularly, you could all too soon be faced with a nauseous layer of black mold inside the device. water flossers therefore belong regularly in an antibacterial disinfectant bath.

Small type theory: Which water flosser for which purpose?

There are also differences in the type of water flosser. Single-jet models emit a continuous, single-jet stream of water solely for cleaning. This shape can be considered the standard, even for simple models. However, models with a pulsating and usually multi-jet water flosser achieve greater cleaning efficiency . Here, the water flosser is interrupted up to 1,500 times per minute, creating a knocking or massage effect . water flossers with a rotating water flosser have the same function . Some even reach areas under the gums. Increased caution is then required to avoid injuries.

Regulate the water flosser individually

It is absolutely advisable to be able to regulate the water flosser, ideally even steplessly. Because experience shows that people perceive the strength of the water flosser differently. Upscale models allow the water flosser to be changed or offer the choice between a cleaning and a massage mode . Some newer models, on the other hand, work with a mixture of water droplets and air/oxygen , which is said to have an even better cleaning effect, especially with regard to bacteria. With a timer functionn finally, the cleaning process can be precisely controlled. Such devices switch off automatically after the recommended time of use. The attachment nozzles supplied also expand the repertoire of the water flosser. The most common include massage and interdental jets, as well as a spoon-shaped tongue attachment that you can use to remove bacterial plaque for fresher breath.

The types at a glance:

  • Stationary water flossers with a water tank are suitable for everyday use at home.
  • water flossers with a hose connection to the tap replace the water tank and do not require electricity.
  • Travel water flossers are space-saving variants with a small, integrated water tank and wireless construction. The water reservoir should be at least 200 milliliters.

from Doc Sonya Leibinger

"Two things are important to me when it comes to water flossers: Please only use them with healthy periodontium (vulgo gums) and make sure the water pressure is adjustable."

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