Relish Vibrosonic Toothbrush-Embark on the new era of Electric Toothbrushes

Date:2024-07-02 15:39
In the march of society, all walks of life are slowly ushering in new breakthroughs, like ChatGPT opening the door to AI, new energy vehicles becoming the new favorite, and the long-dormant electric toothbrush has ushered in a new era, the Relish Vibrosonic Toothbrush, which is a collection of 60° sweeping vibration and sonic vibration, Redefine the way of brushing your teeth.


How it compares to traditional electric toothbrushes

Traditional electric toothbrushes only have a single vibration, Vibrosonic Toothbrush not only has acoustic vibration, but also 60° brush head oscillation Compared to traditional electric toothbrushes that can only vibrate in a single way, Vibrosonic Toothbrush not only has acoustic fluctuation, but also 60° brush head oscillation.the brush head reciprocates within a 60-degree rotation range, simulating the internationally renowned "Bass brushing method". The brushing track of the vibrosonic toothbrush is within the 60-degree reciprocating motion range while simultaneously conducting high-frequency sonic vibration. The dual cleaning functions work simultaneously, greatly improving the cleaning range and cleaning ability of the toothbrush within a unit time.

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