Electric toothbrush head Newest Metal-free Planting

Date:2022-12-28 08:48

Non-copper sheet hair planting technology is currently the international leading hair planting technology of toothbrush head. Due to its less harm to oral cavity and higher stability, it has gradually been recognized by many enterprises and consumers. However, in China, the technology of non-copper wool planting has been initially applied. The main reason is that the production machine cost of non-copper wool planting is too high, and it is still in the early stage of promoting this technology in China, most consumers and even electric toothbrush manufacturers don't know much about hair planting technology, while Shenzhen Relish technology is a professional factory without copper sheet hair planting.

Non-copper hair planting is compared with the previous technology of copper hair planting. In the past, the brush hair on the toothbrush was fixed on the brush head, which needs to be tightened by metal and then fixed on the brush head. The disadvantages of doing so are: first, the bristles are easy to fall off, because it is in a bundle shape, many bristles are fixed together, and it is inevitable that some of them will fall off; Second, copper sheets are easy to rust, after a long period of use, rusting copper sheets is easy to breed bacteria and dirt, causing secondary pollution and damage to the oral cavity.

Non-copper sheet hair planting technology refers to fixing the bristles on the brush head by means of hot melting. Generally speaking, the technique of non-copper sheet hair planting is similar to the technique of electric welding, but the hot melt object of non-copper sheet hair planting is brushing. The brushed hair processed by hot melt technology will be very stable once cooled down. At the same time, because the materials used for non-copper sheet hair planting are all brushed materials, the occurrence of rusting and other situations is avoided.


Electric toothbrushes, especially sonic electric toothbrushes, use high-frequency vibration to generate bubbles to conduct deep oral cleaning. In the process of high-frequency vibration, if the traditional technology of copper sheet hair planting is adopted, it is easy to challenge the stability of the copper sheet, causing the brush hair to drop, and the metal pain sheet will also breed bacteria, which cannot meet the requirements of health. With the popularization of electric toothbrushes, the brushing without copper sheet and hair planting using hot melt technology is more stable and healthier. Therefore, compared with ordinary toothbrushes, electric toothbrushes are more suitable to use copper-free hair planting.

Compared with ordinary toothbrushes, the advantage of non-copper-piece hair planting technology lies in: fixing the hair on the brush head through hot melt technology. Compared with the way of fixing the bristles through metal sheets, the bristles without copper sheets are more stable, and the risk of oral damage caused by metal sheet oxidation can be avoided.

The electric toothbrush itself is recognized by consumers because of its higher cleanliness and less harm to oral cavity. If it still uses metal sheets to fix the bristles, its cleanliness and health will also be reduced.

Therefore, some experts believe that with the reduction of cost in the future, non-copper sheet hair planting technology will replace copper sheet hair planting technology, especially in the field of electric toothbrushes.


The most difficult production of electric toothbrush brush head is the hair planting technology, especially the emergence of copper-free hair planting technology of electric toothbrush now, there are few factories that can provide electric toothbrush brush head OEM, relish technology provides professional wholesale business of sonic electric toothbrush head.


Electric brush head production OEM provided by Relish technology

Type of brush head: traditional brushed brush head with copper, new generation brushed brush head without Copper

  • Brush head wool
  • DuPont nylon (PA)DuPont
  • Japan Dongli PBT
  • Germany Hahl-pedex imported soft brushed

Advanced technology of electric toothbrush brush head production

Relish has a complete set of equipment for producing electric toothbrush brush head. The grinding rate of brush head and the stability of wool are in the leading level in the industry.


Relish's wholesale business of electric toothbrush head


The wholesale business of electric toothbrushes is for 1688, Alibaba.com and B2C E-commerce platforms. The advantage of Relish technology can produce universal electric toothbrush head, which is famous for its cheap and beautiful products.


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