How to sell on Amazon US?

Date:2022-05-04 15:12

How to sell on Amazon USA and take advantage of the largest marketplace in the world in a market like the USA? Did you know that it is possible to sell on Amazon USA from outside the USA? Find out how below. 
Expanding your business to other markets is possible. For this, having a company registered in the United States can give your business competitive advantages and, contrary to what you might think, completing the opening of a company in the United States is possible for non-resident foreigners. 

Advantages of selling on Amazon USA

Growing market

The decision to participate in the US market is an important step that can give great results to your company. In the United States, retail e-commerce entered 768,000 million dollars in 2021 and it is estimated that in 2025 this figure will exceed 1.3 billion dollars. 

Leading Marketplace

As for the marketplaces in this market, Amazon continues to dominate the scene with the sum of 73,750 million dollars in sales (2019), followed by Walmart and Apple, already very far from the mark reached by Amazon. See the chart below. 
Amazon dominates e-commerce in the United States

Why open an American company?

Although starting a company or having a registered business is not required to open an Amazon USA seller account, having a business entity in the country makes it easier to supply your stock.  
For example, if you choose to do the logistics of your products with Amazon through FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon), having stock available in the United States will make a difference. In practice, Amazon determines the quantities of products you should receive and the warehouses you should ship them to, sharing your stock across different regions. 
Have you thought about having a complete fulfillment operation in the United States and managing it from your country?
In this way, you will optimize the process and replenish your stock quickly, in addition to avoiding harming your sales or even a penalty from Amazon for lack of stock. 
Likewise, by storing items in the United States, you facilitate the preparation of your products for Amazon FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon), being able to take advantage of the same remaining stock to sell on other marketplaces or on your own website.
With a company registered in the country, you can have a logistics partner that takes care of sending your products to Amazon and, in this way, you can easily replenish your stock.

How to make a logistics operation viable in the United States? 

As you have seen, to sell on Amazon USA you need to plan your logistics in the United States. 
Keeping logistics in the country is possible without having to invest in equipment, location or transportation. For this, you can count on 3PL or Third-Party Logistics partners, who will be in charge of the reception, storage and shipment of your products, that is, of all the fulfillment of your business.  
To better understand how this process works, we invite you to learn about the fulfillment process at the Globalfy warehouse, located in Orlando, Florida. 

Reception and storage of products 

Products are shipped to the United States and received at the company's warehouse. The merchandise is then checked and counted, included in the physical inventory and recorded in the WMS (Warehouse Management System), the software used to manage the entire fulfillment operation. 

Inventory Maintenance 

With the support of the warehouse management system, all stocks are kept up to date in the sales channels. In practice, your sales on Amazon are automatically calculated and updated when a purchase is registered. 

Order processing 

As soon as the order is placed, the WMS receives this information and automatically places the order in the processing queue so it can be prepared for shipment. 
In this phase, the following stages are carried out: selection (Picking), packaging (Packing) and labeling (Labeling) for carriers. Next, the SGA updates your sales channel with the tracking number of the order (Tracking Number).


The merchant can choose the type of shipment of the purchased product. This is possible since the SGA is connected with the transport companies, which allows the employer to select the type of shipment according to the merchandise or the place of delivery. 

Reverse logistics 

In the Globalfy fulfillment center, the warehouse team is also in charge of receiving and processing the return orders from the partner e-commerce. 

FBA – Fulfillment By Amazon

As we mentioned before, the FBA is also another alternative to carry out the fulfillment of your e-commerce in the United States. It is a service in which Amazon itself is responsible for the storage and delivery of the products. 
By opting for the FBA, the seller has a competitive advantage, since it becomes Prime, that is, the products are delivered in two business days and with free shipping.   
If the entrepreneur chooses to use the FBA, he can continue to have the support of logistics partners in charge of sending his products to the Amazon warehouse, following the specifications of the company. 
At Globalfy, the software used in the fulfillment operation is integrated with Amazon, which guarantees an automated and very simple operation. 

Open your business in the United States and sell on Amazon USA

As you learned in this article, your best option if you want to sell on Amazon USA is to have a US company. 
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