Oral irrigator/water flosser FAQ

Date:2021-08-12 08:51

Which irrigators do dentists recommend?

Every dentist has a different opinion on this subject. If in doubt, you should visit your dentist and seek advice.

Oral irrigator - how often to use?
You should use the irrigator every day after brushing your teeth, especially in the evening. In the evening we have the most plaque and food particles between our teeth, which should not be deposited overnight. You should definitely use the irrigator every evening to keep your teeth shiny and clean.

Does the irrigator replace dental floss?
Yes, the oral irrigator can replace dental floss and interdental swabs, because an adjustable water jet cleans the interdental spaces very thoroughly and is very beneficial for daily dental care. However, if you only want to use the oral irrigator once a day, it is advisable to use dental floss in the morning or evening. 

Which is better - oral irrigator or dental floss?
There is no general answer to this question, because everyone feels differently. Even dentists disagree on this. Many experts say the oral irrigator is better because it gets into hard-to-reach places and spaces between your teeth. Others find flossing perfectly adequate. However, the fact is that cleaning with the oral irrigator takes much less time than flossing.

Which irrigator for gum pockets?
In the case of gum pockets, you should first visit your dentist and ask him whether you can use an oral irrigator or whether you should take a break. If your dentist gives the green light, an oral irrigator that can be continuously adjusted is recommended. In this way, interdental spaces can be cleaned without further straining the gums. The Oral-B Professional Care Oxy Jet is particularly suitable for this.

Which irrigator for periodontal disease?
If you have periodontitis and sensitive gums, you should protect your oral cavity and avoid using an oral search. It is best to clarify this with your dentist.

Does the irrigator help with tonsil stones / tonsil stones?
Dentists recommend gently removing tonsil stones with a cotton swab. You should discuss your individual case in a practice.

Which irrigator for braces?
Choose a step-adjustable model. You should use gentle steps so that the remains between the braces can also be removed. The Waterpik Ultra is recommended for this.

Which irrigator for brackets?
Basically, an oral irrigator is recommended with fixed braces, as this removes all food residues. Here, too, a step-adjustable model is again suitable for carefully cleaning the brackets. The orthodontist can advise you on the choice and explain how to deal with it.

Which irrigator for implants?
Any model can be used with implants. This will not make the implants any less tight. Many implant users recommend the Panasonic EW-DJ10.

How to clean the irrigator?
The irrigator should be cleaned after each use. Limescale and bacteria must be removed from the water tank, mouthpiece and also the hose. There are special cleaning agents that are designed for this. If you want to be sure that there are no chemicals in the device, you can resort to home remedies. Citric acid with warm water is z. B. suitable. But vinegar is also a good option, as long as the smell doesn't bother you. Chamomile tea is recommended for disinfection. Never use products with toxic or caustic substances for cleaning, as this would damage not only the irrigator, but also your oral cavity!

Mold in the irrigator - what to do?
To avoid mold in the irrigator, you should always make sure that the mouthpiece, tank and hose are dry. The hose is hung up so that moisture can run off. The mouthpiece, like the tank, is dried with a cloth. This is the best way to protect your device from mold.

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