Pros and Cons: Should You Buy an Electric Toothbrush?

Date:2021-07-27 10:28

We asked the dentist if it makes sense to change a regular toothbrush to an electric one. Explore and decide what to save on.

Is an electric toothbrush a must or a waste of money? We learned all the pros and cons of an electric toothbrush and why it is better than a regular toothbrush from the dentist Inna Virabova. 

Why is this cool? 

For more than 60 years, scientists and dentists have been trying to create the perfect brush model that will prevent the development of tooth decay. If earlier the electric toothbrush could only rotate the bristles located in its working part Because of the technical limitations of electric toothbrush manufacturer, now it is able to suggest the correct cleaning technique and even give advice. Modern electric toothbrushes have "smart" bristles, on the surface of which indicators are located, capable of informing the owner of the brush about the wear of the nozzle and the need to change it. For example, the new Oral-B IO toothbrush has two types of bristles that are adapted to different oral conditions. This brushing your teeth will be much more effective than before!

Moreover, a safely thought-out vibration massages the gums daily, thereby preventing the development of inflammatory processes in soft tissues (gingivitis, stomatitis, etc.). Such a brush can make teeth brighter in just one week, and breath fresh and pleasant for the interlocutor. There is a timer that will keep track of the required number of minutes for high-quality teeth cleaning. 

Cons of an electric toothbrush

Of course, every modern and fashionable invention has its drawbacks, or rather, one drawback is the cost of the brush. Yes, for the fact that the electric toothbrush has learned to work in conjunction with your gadget and read errors while brushing your teeth, give recommendations, make 3D movements that prevent development and save on dentist services. have to pay. But dental treatment due to poor quality home hygiene is many times more expensive. By the way, another relative disadvantage of using electric toothbrushes is the need to recharge them. But the new Oral-IO boasts a magnetic charger, thanks to which, unlike other brushes, it is able to gain "strength" in just 3 hours and serve you for a whole week!

Who needs a regular brush?

A regular toothbrush also does a good job of brushing your teeth every day when using the correct brushing technique, positioning the brush at a certain angle, and controlling the pressure on the brush during the procedure. If you follow all of these rules, an electric toothbrush is a waste of money. But, unfortunately, even dentists cannot boast of this. Cleaning is influenced by time, circumstances, and even mood. 

Therefore, the relevance in using a conventional manual brush can only be at a very early age (from the moment the first tooth erupts and up to about 2-3 years). The child needs quality oral care, but due to the acute perception of sounds and other stimuli, it is better to use ordinary brushes at an earlier age. However, already at the age of 2-3 years, you can safely teach a child to use an electric toothbrush (ideally, if this is done by the parent's own example), thereby taking care of the good condition of teeth and gums in the future. Of course, a manual brush can be used for a longer period, but this increases the risk of poor-quality hygiene, and with it the likelihood of all kinds of pathologies of the oral cavity increases, from bad breath to the development of pulpitis. 

How to choose an electric toothbrush?

It is better to choose a brush with a dentist who will examine the oral cavity and tell you exactly what to look for when choosing a remedy.

A smart toothbrush offers each user the cleaning mode that suits him: daily care (suitable for most patients without bright pathologies of the oral cavity), deep cleaning (brightens teeth and brightens a smile) or gentle (this mode is ideal for sensitive teeth or, for example, for patients with problem gums. Also, this mode is necessary for people who have undergone certain operations in the oral cavity). Modern toothbrushes have a high-precision pressure indicator that will tell you when to relieve pressure on the brush, thereby protecting your teeth from hypersensitivity and gum injury. This function is especially important for teeth with cracks or chips on the surface. It is also an important detail for cleaning teeth in adolescence,

As for the bristles themselves, specially located on the working part of the brush, they not only effectively remove plaque, but also turn it into a kind of dust that is swept out even from the most inaccessible places. It will be appreciated by people who consume coffee drinks or smoke cigarettes, as well as among those who suffer from increased plaque formation due to taking medications.

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