water flosser vs floss, which is better?

Date:2021-11-09 14:04

Many people brush and floss regularly to clean their teeth. However, one question many people have is whether water flosser can replace traditional floss?
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water flosser, also called "oral irrigator", is an auxiliary tool for cleaning oral cavity and teeth. Just as a high-pressure water gun can clean objects, water flosser uses the principle similar to that of a high-pressure water gun to clean teeth through proper pressure of water flow and vibration of a specific frequency. water flosser can be divided into high pressure pulse type, active oxygen type and jet type.
Dental floss uses nylon, polyester and other materials to clean dental plaque on the surface of teeth. This method is very effective, especially for flat and raised parts. There are also many kinds of dental floss, and the most common dental floss in the market is traditional dental floss.
But water flosser is different from our traditional flosser. Although water flosser and dental flosser are both tools for cleaning oral cavity, they are specifically targeted at different parts. water flosser is generally used to clean places between teeth and gums that are not easy to be cleaned by toothbrushes. If there is a 2mm gully between the teeth and the gums, we will have a lot of residues piled up in the gums when eating, and the normal toothbrush or dental floss cannot be cleaned effectively.
Gingival groove is the easiest place to hide dirt and dirt. If the health problems of gingival groove are ignored for a long time, it will bring some hidden dangers to the oral cavity. According to research, more than 40% of the areas in the oral cavity cannot be cleaned by toothbrushes and dental floss. Relevant foreign research institutions said that using water shock is the most ideal way to clean the oral cavity. And the pressure impact force of water flosser the water column can wash more than half of the depth of gums deeply, and the gum groove and the concave and convex parts of teeth can be cleaned.
Accurately speaking, Dental Floss cleans dental plaque in the teeth. Dental plaque is a complex substance. It is a biomembrane that adheres to the surface of teeth and between teeth. Common dental plaque components include intercellular substances, bacteria, food residues, etc. After a series of processes, it finally became dental plaque. However, dental plaque can only be cleaned by physical friction, such as toothbrush, traditional flosser and so on, while water flosser reduces the generation of dental plaque, thus reducing the generation of dental stone, there are some differences with traditional floss.
Therefore, water flosser is different from flossing to some extent, and the two cannot replace each other. When we choose, we should see clearly the function and function, choose the cleaning tools we need and suit our lifestyle, so as to make our life healthier.

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