10 expert tips from dentistry & facts about oral health

Date:2022-08-26 10:12

Ensure interdisciplinary cooperation

Due to the interaction between dental and general health, it is advisable to strive for interdisciplinary cooperation between the family doctor or internist and dentist, both in the case of acute illnesses and during regular health checks, especially in high-risk patients, in order to obtain not only the blood count but also a “mouth picture” on the risk of oral infection to discuss. In this way, the signs of any diseases can be recognized and treated at an early stage.

How does dental health affect my overall health and vice versa?

"Teeth good - everything good"
Improved dental health = Improved general health PROVEN!!!
The correlation between dental or oral health and the health of the whole organism has been proven, in both directions. Scientific studies prove the close connection. On the one hand, diseases and bacteria in the mouth can cause diseases in other organs or exacerbate existing ones. On the other hand, certain diseases outside the mouth can also affect dental health. The bottom line is that oral health and general health are inextricably linked. Therefore, taking care of oral health is not a sideline of life that should be neglected.


How can poorly cared for teeth or diseases in the mouth cause health problems?

Bacteria in the mouth from sources of inflammation, gum pockets or dental plaque can get into the bloodstream through inhalation and then settle on other body organs. Dead teeth, infected tooth roots and wisdom tooth problems can also contribute to the onset or development of diseases.
Periodontitis is one of the risk factors for heart disease (e.g. heart attack), vascular disease (e.g. stroke, arteriosclerosis), lung disease (e.g. pneumonia) or diabetes, especially in people with a weakened immune system. In the case of heart disease, for example, the risk can increase by up to four times.
Also a higher riskconsists of oral bacteria for joint diseases (rheumatoid arthritis) or in pregnant women for premature babies with reduced birth weight. Increased caution is required for wearers of artificial joints or heart valve replacements.
Diseased teeth are also sometimes considered to be a trigger or contributor to multiple sclerosis (MS), rheumatism, migraines or circulatory problems. Diseased teeth can even have an impact on potency problems, since chronic inflammation promotes the development of vascular calcification. A good blood supply to the penis is required for an erection, and vascular changes can have very negative consequences.
Even back andHeadaches can always be traced back to bad teeth. For various reasons, people disregard their diseased teeth and do not chew according to their natural bite for a long time due to toothache . As a result of this unnatural chewing behavior, the muscles in the neck and back area can be overstimulated or tense and thus become the source of headaches or back pain.

Choosing the right dental cleaning tools and using the right cleaning method is very important for oral health, such as you can use electric toothbrush, water flosser and other efficient cleaning tools.

How can diseases or changes in the body endanger oral health?

Certain medical conditions can increase the risk of oral health problems, particularly periodontitis/periodontal disease and gingivitis. Therefore, speak to your treating dentist if, for example, the following diseases are present:
  • Diabetes - People with diabetes mellitus have an increased risk of periodontitis , and the disease may progress more quickly than people without diabetes.
  • Dementia / Parkinson's - As the disease progresses, the ability to brush one's own teeth can decrease, so the need for support with dental care usually increases.
  • Cardiovascular Disease - Dry mouth is not uncommon in cardiovascular disease due to reduced salivary flow. Without the cleaning function of saliva, there is a higher risk of tooth decay because bacteria can multiply more easily in the mouth. See also prophylaxis for seniors
  • Stroke - Similar to dementia, stroke can affect the ability to brush teeth and swallow independently. This may require increased support with dental care.

What effects can medication have on oral health?

Oral health can also be adversely affected by taking medication. Dry mouth is a side effect of certain medications . Therefore, inform your treating dentist, especially if you are taking medication in connection with the following diseases :
  • Diabetes (diabetes mellitus)
  • dementia
  • Epilepsy
  • depressions
  • high blood pressure
  • rheumatism
  • Pains
  • allergies
Other examples of the interplay between general health and oral health include the increased risk of periodontitis due to hormonal changes during pregnancy and menopause, or poorly controlled blood sugar levels in diabetics. This leads to increased inflammation in the mouth.

Mouth as a distribution center

Improved dental health = improved overall health

The mouth is one of the most important entrance gates to our organism. Food, liquids and also the air we breathe get into the body. If oral health is poor, this entrance gate can serve as a distribution center for bacteria and viruses, which can lead to impairments and diseases in various parts of the body. Therefore, in general, improved dental health usually means improved overall health.
Oral health is especially important in old age. The human body is connected to the chewing apparatus and teeth via energy pathways (meridian system). Therefore, dental plaque disease can cause symptoms and reactions anywhere in the body, or vice versa, due to the interaction.
For children, oral health is also essential. Even if children recover quickly from inflammation or injury due to their good regenerative power and intact immune system, children's teeth should receive the same attention and care as permanent teeth. During the change of teeth, the milk teeth play an important role as placeholders for the permanent teeth and general health also benefits from intact oral health.
The bottom line is that taking care of oral health is an essential contribution to general health and a healthy mouth is an elementary part of human well-being.

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