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Electric toothbrushes and dental irrigators with braces

Date:2021-07-14 12:25

Braces are a proven and effective way to achieve the smile of your dreams, correct bite and make your dentition as straight as possible. But when installing them, many still have concerns associated not only with the possible discomfort of wearing, but also with the care of the oral cavity. In fact, there is nothing complicated - irrigators and special attachments for an electric toothbrush will come to the rescue . In this article, you will learn how they are useful for owners of braces, and how to use them correctly. Reading time - 5 minutes.


  1. Features of brushing teeth with braces
  2. Special attachments for high-quality cleaning
  3. Irrigator - a must have for braces owners
  4. The priority is an integrated approach
  5. Tips for cleaning braces

When wearing a bracket system, you must especially carefully monitor the oral hygiene. Braces fit snugly to the teeth, but still small food particles are often clogged between them. They also stick to the structure itself, get stuck in its various parts. If they are not removed in time, the appearance of plaque and caries will not be long in coming. In addition, such food debris is a favorable environment for the development of bacteria that provoke gum inflammation, stones and bad breath.

Features of brushing teeth with braces

It is difficult to achieve complete dental hygiene while wearing braces with a regular toothbrush. You will need an extended arsenal: an electric toothbrush with special attachments, as well as an oral irrigator for thoroughly rinsing the oral cavity and all parts of the bracket system.

Electric toothbrushes and dental irrigators with braces

Special attachments for high-quality cleaning

Installing braces is not a reason to give up using your favorite electric toothbrush . The main thing is to choose the appropriate attachments that guarantee gentle cleaning.

  • The orthodontic has a V-shaped bristle that allows you to thoroughly clean the bracket system without damaging it.
  • Monobunched consists of only one bunch of bristles, narrow and thin, it is convenient to work with it in hard-to-reach places.
  • Interdental also known as "brush" - easily penetrates into the interdental space , helps in cleaning the arch of bracket systems.
Electric toothbrushes and dental irrigators with braces

When using standard attachments, it is important to have a compact head - with it there is less chance of damaging the braces. Long, soft bristles on the sides and harder and shorter bristles in the center are a good choice. So, when cleaning, the gums are not injured, but the overall surface of the tooth and the braces themselves are cleaned properly.

Electric toothbrushes and dental irrigators with braces

You should also pay attention to the cleaning technology. For many dentists, reciprocating rotational and ultrasound are a priority . The first one thoroughly but neatly cleans the enamel without violating the integrity of the bracket system. The second has not only a mechanical effect on the teeth, but also sound vibrations - as a result, plaque and dirt are easily removed even from hard-to-reach places, which is very important when wearing braces.

Irrigator - a must have for braces owners

The use of irrigators is recommended for everyone who wants to get professional-level dental cleaning at home. And for the owners of the bracket system, their purchase is mandatory - they solve many problems that are beyond the power of even a brush with a special attachment.

  • The irrigator creates a jet of water that washes out the smallest and deeply stuck food residues under pressure.
  • The jet easily penetrates into the interdental space, under any elements of the bracket system and does not allow unwanted deposits to accumulate there.
  • It helps to thoroughly but gently clean the tooth enamel near the gums - working in these places with a brush, you can injure delicate tissues.
  • Convenient irrigator nozzles allow you to act pointwise - to direct the stream strictly to a specific place in the oral cavity or braces.
  • The user has the ability to adjust the power of the jet to suit his feelings and needs.
  • The bracket system does not like rough cleaning - you need to act with it delicately so as not to damage the structure. And the removal of contaminants with a stream of water does an excellent job of this task.

The priority is an integrated approach

To achieve the effect of maximum cleanliness, braces owners are recommended to use an electric toothbrush with special attachments, complete with an irrigator.

  • The toothbrush is a primary hygiene product. It does all the basic and rough work: it removes plaque from enamel and large pieces of food.
  • The irrigator is a secondary oral hygiene product. It is used for more delicate cleaning in hard-to-reach places: near the gums, between teeth, on the elements of the bracket system. The jet of water is able to wash out the smallest particles of food that have not succumbed to the bristles.

Both of these products are important in the care of the oral cavity - they are not interchangeable, but complementary to each other. An irrigator will never replace brushing, and brushing is less effective without it.

Electric toothbrushes and dental irrigators with braces

Tips for cleaning braces

When caring for a bracket system, it is important to adhere to the correct cleaning technology.

  • The distant teeth are brushed first, gradually moving to the center of the dentition.
  • Each tooth and each bracket is cleaned separately, not forgetting about all the structural elements such as arches and locks.
  • At the final stage, the interdental space is cleaned - a common place for the accumulation of food debris.

It is imperative to carry out a full cleaning using an irrigator and an electric toothbrush in the morning and evening. For intermediate hygiene, regular mouthwash and dental floss should be used after each meal during the day .

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