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Which is better - an oral irrigator or an electric toothbrush?

Date:2021-07-19 11:41

If some 30-40 years ago, the range of oral care products was limited only to brushes, pastes and threads, today on the dental accessories market you can find dozens of truly high-tech and "advanced" devices designed to protect teeth and gums from caries , periodontitis and other unpleasant diseases. However, the wealth of choice can sometimes be confusing. Which of the modern hygiene products are more effective? Which is better - an oral irrigator or an electric toothbrush?

 Which is better - an oral irrigator or an electric toothbrush?

Which is better - an irrigator or an electric toothbrush?

Happiness in diversity

It should be noted right away that irrigators and electric toothbrushes, despite a similar purpose (ensuring oral hygiene), belong to different classes of devices and are used to achieve different goals.

In short, an electric toothbrush is an improved version of a conventional brush, and an irrigator is a high-tech alternative to floss. And that's why they are not interchangeable. Yes, in difficult field conditions, you can do just a brush or an irrigator for some time, but you should not limit yourself for a long time, using only one device and ignoring the other.

What electric toothbrushes are capable of

 Which is better - an oral irrigator or an electric toothbrush?

There are many varieties of electric toothbrushes on the market today - mechanical, ionic, sonic, ultrasonic, etc. However, all of them, in fact, are just an improved version of the same classic "device" with nylon bristles and a plastic handle.

The toothbrush is designed to provide primary oral hygiene. With its help, you can remove large enough dirt from the enamel surface and from the interdental spaces, erase the bacterial or mineral plaque that has appeared, clean out gum pockets and carious cavities (if any). Improved models are capable of a little more. For example, mechanical and sound (as well as ultrasonic) effectively remove mineral plaque and therefore help well with enamel whitening. Ionic ones inhibit the development of microorganisms, protecting against diseases and improving the condition of the soft tissues of the oral cavity.

The following effects can be distinguished from the use of an electric toothbrush:

  1. Removal of the bulk of contaminants, including bacterial and mineral deposits;
  2. Destruction of mineral deposits;
  3. Whitening of enamel;
  4. Gum massage;
  5. Additional effects such as inhibiting the growth of microorganisms.

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Thus, an electric toothbrush is a necessary and sufficient tool for oral hygiene. However, in some areas it fails. And here the irrigator comes to the rescue.

What irrigators are capable of

The first models of irrigators appeared in the second half of the last century. They replaced the classic toothpicks and floss threads - the latter continually strove to scratch the enamel or damage soft tissues. And to protect the teeth of patients from various diseases and the patients themselves, striving to ensure perfect cleanliness, dentists have developed an irrigator.

An irrigator in its general form is a device for supplying streams of water into the oral cavity with a high pulsation frequency and under high pressure. The liquid is aerated and therefore provides gentle contact with the gums and tongue.

The irrigator is designed to provide secondary oral hygiene. It effectively removes dirt that a conventional electric toothbrush simply cannot reach. The irrigator can remove bacterial plaque and food pieces from periodontal (gingival) pockets, interdental spaces, microcracks in the enamel, subtle damage to bone tissue, from under orthodontics, etc. In general, it allows you to achieve perfect cleanliness and almost "sterility" of the oral cavity.

The following effects from the use of an irrigator can be distinguished:

  1. Removal of remaining contaminants, including pathogenic bacteria, from hard-to-reach areas of the oral cavity;
  2. Ensuring fresh breath;
  3. Cleaning the contact surfaces of soft tissues without damaging them;
  4. Decreased tooth sensitivity;
  5. Additional effects - from soft tissue massage to the treatment of certain diseases - differ depending on the model of the irrigator or the balms used.

Of course, this is not all that the irrigator is capable of. It will help in massaging the soft tissues of the mouth, cleaning the respiratory system, and improving blood circulation in the gums. And if you use it not with water, but with a special balm, then the positive effects will become even more varied!

However, an irrigator is not a panacea for all diseases of the oral cavity at once. As stated above, it is designed to provide secondary hygiene. Water streams simply cannot cope with dense bacterial or mineral deposits - unlike the nylon or ceramic bristles of a high-quality electric toothbrush.

In addition, the irrigator has another advantage - it is more convenient to use it during the day. After eating, pieces of food and various harmful microorganisms remain on the surface of the enamel and in all hard-to-reach places of the oral cavity. When removing them with a thread or a toothpick, there is a risk of damaging the soft tissues, and thereby initiating the development of some kind of disease such as caries, stomatitis or gingivitis. And an ordinary brush is somewhat inconvenient to carry with you, as well as to use it in any public places.

In this case, an irrigator can help. It gently and effectively removes impurities, keeping teeth perfectly clean and providing fresh breath as a bonus.

The perfect solution

Thus, if the question arose - "Which is better, an irrigator or an electric toothbrush?" - it is better to postpone it for senselessness and purchase both devices at once. They are too different to be compared. However, only together an electric toothbrush and an irrigator can provide excellent oral hygiene and protect against many diseases.

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