3 reasons to start importing from China in 2021

Date:2021-07-19 12:27

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The world economic landscape has changed in the last year due to the Coronarivus crisis, many companies have been forced to close because the losses of these months were catastrophic. Despite this situation, what if I now tell you that 2021 is the best year to start importing from China ? How can that be possible?

You don't need to know much about economics to know that economic crises are cyclical. Although the latter has come from a pandemic (something that we had only seen in the movies), the results for the economy of Spain and for its companies have been devastating, even more than other previous crises.

Then you will continue to wonder why I say that starting to import from China in 2021 is the best option for many Spanish self-employed and SMEs. The reason is simple: we are facing a global change, a transformation, an evolution or whatever you want to call it. And, applying Darwing's laws to economics, whoever does not adapt and evolve is destined to disappear.

3 reasons why you should start importing from China in 2021

The situation in Spain is very bad. We are not going to lie. For businesses, especially small and local ones, the restrictions applied by the Government to stop the spread of Covid were fatal.

There is also the other side of the coin. Large companies and multinationals have been strengthened to a certain extent because they kept part of the market share that small vendors and SMEs had.

But how have some companies survived this crisis while others have been forced to close? This is due to a multitude of factors. But in most cases, some businesses and companies have continued with their activities because:

  • They have had enough capital to continue holding on while reporting losses
  • They were well positioned in terms of innovation and reconvention in their sector

The Fourth Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0 is no longer an unfamiliar term for many entrepreneurs. In terms of trade and sales, many companies had already joined the changes that the Internet and new technological advances have been promoting in recent years.

Let's see below the reasons why I say that starting importing from China in 2021 is a great idea. With these arguments I just want to show that we are facing an economic and social change that we should take advantage of to make our company grow. Or even create it from scratch!

1. Coronavirus: Boost for eCommerce and digitization

Economic recovery and digitization was already a priority for many Spanish companies. However, many of them continued to focus their activities and profits exclusively on offline sales, physical and traditional sales.

The companies that did not have an online store or Internet sales are the ones that have been most affected by the Covid crisis because due to the restrictions they had to remain closed and did not report profits during this period.

Why is digitization so important for businesses? In Spain, electronic commerce grew by 36% during 2020 , becoming the third market in the world where this sector increased the most, surpassed only by Argentina (79%) and Singapore (71%).

With this simple piece of information we realize that the way Spaniards consume is changing. Now, what the Covid crisis has done was accelerate this reconversion. Many consumers who did not use to buy online have started to do so because it was the only option they had.

In conclusion, this means that the potential customers of any electronic commerce have been increasing considerably. And this is how many companies have taken advantage of digitization to cope with the economic crisis.

But even so, evolving towards the digital era is still a pending task for many Spanish companies, not only for those that want to start importing from China .

2. Sell on Amazon and other marketplaces

I remember that during the first quarantine, when I was going to take the dog out (yes, I was one of the lucky ones who could go down to the street twice a day) the few cars that I saw on the streets were Mercadona trucks, ambulances and vans.

Every time I began to see more and more vans without logos of any delivery service or company. They were private vans. So I sneakily approached one of them and saw that a boy came out with a cell phone and a package. They were Amazon delivery people!

During 2020 Amazon entered 7,567 million in Spain . With these figures, it already accounts for 15% of all electronic commerce in our country. Amazing!

We all buy from Amazon. Everyone. Even the inhabitants lost in the mountains of Jaén. For many of us, this American marketplace has become our first choice when buying anything we need.

So why not take advantage of this new trend and start importing products from China and then selling them on Amazon ?

3. Advantages of Internet: Alibaba and information on how to import from China

What a time to be alive! The Internet has been one of the best inventions of mankind. In all aspects. In our daily life we ​​can enjoy the countless benefits of this era: music, cinema, culture, memes ... all within reach of our screen, through a small device connected to the network.

Leaving melancholy aside. The Internet has been a Copernican turn for those who want to start importing from China and for those of us who were already involved in the import world: in it we find the tools and information necessary to create an import business without even leaving home. .

Thanks to the technological revolution, the distances between China and Spain have been shortened, making it possible for small companies and freelancers to manufacture and bring our merchandise from China and sell it in Spain and throughout Europe.

Thirty or forty years ago the importation of China was a business reserved for a few and in which only entrepreneurs with very good international contacts and with great capital to bring products from China could embark .

Alibaba, the paradise of importers

The biggest ally to start importing from China is Alibaba. I don't think it is necessary to introduce this Chinese giant to most of the readers of this blog. However, I always have to repeat the countless advantages of buying from Alibaba .

I, who have worked in China for years, can tell you that you can do exactly the same from your office or office in Spain thanks to Alibaba and the Internet. All the import process from:

  • Search and find providers
  • Hire company and quality inspections
  • Pay our Chinese suppliers
  • Manage and control transportation (tariffs, freight forwarders, etc.)
  • Sell ​​our products directly to our customers

The problem that many of those who are willing to start importing from China have is the fear of taking the first step, since they do not know the market or do not know how the import process works. It is normal to have this stage fright, because our money is what is at stake.

Start importing from China with personalized assistance

The Internet also has too much information. Too much. And sometimes it gets quite tiring to be researching every step to start importing from China . So why not seek help?

In Importing from China you have all my experience and workshops prepared for you to take the first step safely and without risk. From the beginning we will assess your business idea, the niche you have chosen and I will accompany you throughout the import process, from the selection of the supplier to the shipment of the merchandise. This way you will not have to make any decisions lightly and totally alone.

Are you going to miss the opportunity to start importing from China this year ? The future is here and this is the best time to join the change.

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