What are the advantages of using induction charging for electric toothbrushes

Date:2021-06-30 10:54

Electric toothbrushes have already cost most commonly used items in modern life. The early electric toothbrushes were also powered by dry batteries, and the current electric toothbrushes have been replaced with lithium batteries, and the induction charging has been realized, greatly improving the convenience of use. Although most of the electric toothbrushes are charged by wireless induction, some of them are still charged by USB or DC interface, what are the advantages of using induction charging for electric toothbrushes


Working principle of induction charging

Induction charging is non-contact charging, and there is a step-down rectifier circuit and an electromagnetic wave transmitting circuit inside the connector, in which mains electricity and two input terminals of the step-down rectifier circuit are connected, the two output terminals of the step-down rectifier circuit are connected with the two input terminals of the electromagnetic wave transmitting circuit, and the output terminals of the electromagnetic wave transmitting circuit are connected with a transmitting coil, which is set in the charging plug, and there is an rubber insulation layer wrapped outside the transmitting coil.


Compared with the existing technology, the structure is simple and the volume is light. The transmitting coil is set in the charging plug, and the rubber insulation layer is wrapped outside it, the induction charger does not have direct line contact with external charging equipment, there will be no electrical safety problems, and it is safer and more reliable to use.

It can be widely used in wireless connection induction charging, such as charging flashlight, electric shaver, electric toothbrush, wireless connection induction wall lamp and other wireless induction power supply products, and the efficiency is as high as 80% ~ 95, no high frequency radiation, has passed the national safety regulations certification, low price.

Inductive chargingDisadvantages

Let's talk about the advantages first. We can know from the principle of induction charging that because of the problem of energy loss,InductionThe working efficiency of charging is relatively low. Due to the small space in the electric toothbrush, it is impossible for the charging coil to achieve a large volume, soInductionThe current of charged electric toothbrush will be relatively low when charging, compared with wired charging,InductionThe charging speed will be much slower.


Let's look at the advantages. Electric toothbrushes are usually used in the bathroom. Because they work for a long time or are placed in a humid environment, the charging interface is easy to be affected with damp and oxidation after using the wired charging for a long time, resulting in poor contact with the cable, and due to the problem of charging interface, toothbrush is not easy to be completely waterproof.

And adopt induction for a rechargeable toothbrush, the shell can be completely sealed because it does not need a charging interface, which is very beneficial for waterproof and dustproof.

On the whole, adopt induction rechargeable electric toothbrushes have certain advantages from the perspective of convenience and service life.

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