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Date:2022-01-05 09:36

What is an electric toothbrush and how does it work?

Electric toothbrushes make daily brushing particularly easy and its cleaning performance surpasses conventional manual toothbrushes significantly. While the first electric toothbrushes were connected directly to the electricity, modern models are supplied with electricity indirectly. If you are interested in an electric toothbrush , you can choose between three types. In addition to the classic electric toothbrush, sonic toothbrushes and ultrasonic toothbrushes are also available.
The classic electric toothbrushes with the round brush head perform rotating movements in which the brush head swings back and forth in a semicircle and sometimes pulsates.
Sonic toothbrush use sound to clean teeth. In these models, the transducer generates high rotation frequencies between 250 and 300 Hertz. These devices also run without an electric motor.
Ultrasonic toothbrushes are able to generate vibrations above the frequency range of 300 Hertz. Particularly powerful makes can swing up to two million per minute. Thanks to these vibrations, the liquid in the mouth is set in motion and the special toothpaste applied to the teeth forms blisters. When the blisters burst, the teeth are cleaned extremely thoroughly.

Areas of application - electric toothbrushes in use

In addition to intact organs, healthy teeth are an essential part of health. Dental diseases and problems with the gums are painful, nerve-wracking as well as uncomfortable and expensive.
Using an electric toothbrush can prevent unsightly discoloration from coffee, tea and cigarettes, as well as plaque, and protect yourself from widespread diseases of the teeth and gums .
With an electrically operated toothbrush you can prevent tooth decay and thus prevent bacteria from attacking the tooth enamel. In addition to holes, you can also fight periodontal disease. Periodontitis occurs when bacterial plaque is not removed , causing inflammation of the teeth, tooth necks or tooth roots. The effective electrical aids prevent or delay teeth from decaying and dying off.
If you clean your teeth twice a day with the electrically operated toothbrush , you can counteract pulpitis and thus an unpleasant root canal treatment. This is a painful inflammation of the gums. If you suffer from bad breath , you are ideally advised to use an electric brush to hygienically clean your mouth and rid it of bacteria.

What types of electric toothbrushes are there?

You can now choose from a wide range and three types of electrically operated toothbrushes.

Electric Toothbrush

Electrically operated toothbrushes have a rotating brush head, which cleans your teeth much cleaner than a conventional toothbrush.
Classic electric toothbrushes rotate or oscillate back and forth around 3000 to 5000 times per minute, depending on the model. Some makes pulsate to loosen the plaque on your teeth.
Thorough cleaning takes place through the friction that the brush head exerts on the teeth. electric toothbrushes are ideal entry-level models. Children from the age of two can clean their teeth hygienically just like adults.
Thanks to the mechanical movement, deposits are removed reliably and more effectively than with a manual toothbrush. Oscillating toothbrushes are simple and extremely robust.

Sonic Toothbrush

Just like the classic manual toothbrushes , sonic toothbrushes have an elongated brush head. Sonic toothbrushes vibrate between 30,000 and 40,000 times per minute and clean by setting the bacteria and impurities in motion through the vibrations. The rotation frequency of 250 to 300 Hertz is often ten times that of an oscillating toothbrush.
Sonic toothbrushes clean your teeth very carefully and gently. Therefore, these toothbrushes are ideal for sensitive teeth and even if your gums are sensitive, you can use a sonic toothbrush. In contrast to oscillating models, sonic toothbrushes are more expensive in terms of acquisition cost.
The long battery life of the happybrush electric toothbrush is made possible by USB charging - so you can plug it in anywhere at home or when traveling

Ultrasonic Toothbrush

Another type of electric toothbrush are ultrasonic toothbrushes , which rid your teeth of bacteria and plaque in an extremely high frequency range . The most powerful models generate a maximum of two million vibrations per minute using ultrasound .
In contrast to oscillating toothbrushes and sonic toothbrushes, the toothpaste is not distributed on the head of the brush, but directly on the teeth. Only then is the ultrasonic brush used. If your gums are very sensitive, you should opt for an ultrasonic toothbrush , as no other toothbrush treats your gums as gently as this one.
This innovative subgroup of electric toothbrushes is currently the least common and correspondingly expensive. Models in the upper price range cost around 200 euros.

Brief information on the 7 leading manufacturers

If you are interested in an electric toothbrush, you should find out more about the leading manufacturers in the current electric toothbrush test and comparison.
  • Philips 
  • Panasonic
  • Brown
  • Thorough
  • Emmi Dental Professional
  • Race
  • Trisa
The traditional Dutch company Philips was founded in 1891 by Gerard Philips and, with 11600 employees, is one of the largest electronics groups in the world. The renowned company has specialized in the three sectors of medical technology, lighting technology, as well as entertainment electronics & household appliances.
As one of the market leaders in these industries, Philips has set itself the goal of improving the quality of life through innovative technology such as ultrasound technology and modern design.
Philips has not only proven its high quality and excellent workmanship for many decades, but also its functionality. Products from Philips can convince in current tests and comparisons! With the models Sonicare DiamondClean, Sonicare FlexCare and Sonicare HealthyWhite you can clean your teeth optimally and hygienically. Philips has also developed top-class electric toothbrushes such as the Sonicare For Kids for children.

Important criteria for an electric toothbrush

In order for you to find that suitable electric toothbrush , you should check the following points before buying.
Not every electric toothbrush offers the same number of brushing modes. The electric toothbrush test 2021 offers valuable information on all test candidates in terms of brushing modes. Also think about whether you really need a wide range of different modes!
Some electrically operated toothbrushes are equipped with a second handpiece . If you are single, a second handpiece is a practical replacement. However, if you have a partner or a family, this offer is often quite profitable.
A timer not only offers a high level of convenience, it is also helpful! The timer starts automatically when you start brushing and prevents you from cleaning your teeth too briefly. After the cleaning time of two minutes recommended by dentists has expired, the timer uses vibrations, light signals or an acoustic signal to indicate that the two minutes have expired.
Interval functions also prove to be helpful, as they remind you after 30 seconds that you should clean the next quarter. A pressure sensor is a must for an electric toothbrush , as it monitors the pressure with which you press the brush onto your teeth and gums.
Since the majority of electric toothbrushes are equipped with rechargeable batteries, most models also have a charging station. Take a look at the current electric toothbrush test and comparison, as some charging stations are too minimalistic and oversized.
A travel case is an advantage if you travel a lot for work or if you like to travel. A case ensures that the electric toothbrush is hygienically stowed and protected.

Common weak points and defects of electric toothbrushes

When buying an electric toothbrush, look for high-quality materials! Dissatisfied users complain that rubbers become brittle and low-quality plastics break. Find out in the current electric toothbrush test about the noise development, as some models are extremely loud during operation. Before you buy, find out about the size of the charging station , as some models take up a lot of space.
Note that high-quality lithium-ion batteries have a particularly long runtime! Some users report that the purchased electric toothbrush must not be cleaned under running water because it is not waterproof. Information on water resistance can be found in the electric toothbrush test 2021.
Especially if you order a double pack , you should make sure that the toothbrushes are color-coded. Not all manufacturers supply rings in different colors so that you can tell the electric toothbrushes apart. In addition, the charging glass should offer space for two electric toothbrushes if you order a double pack.
Unsatisfied users report that the performance of some electric toothbrushes decreases over time! Take a look at the electric toothbrush test and comparison to find out which test candidates falter after a short time.

Internet vs. specialist retailers

When buying in an online shop, you can benefit from numerous positive aspects such as the enormous selection of the best electric toothbrushes, the excellent comparison options and the mostly lower price.
Online stores are characterized by the fact that your order at any day and night to give up. In contrast to the retailer, the time-consuming eliminates way and return journey, you do not have to wait for an employee and not stand in line if you want to pay.
In the specialist shop you have the opportunity to attack the electric toothbrush , but you can return the toothbrush ordered in the online shop within the deadline if you do not like it.

Useful information

If you have previously cleaned your teeth with a manual toothbrush and have switched to an electric toothbrush, your gums may be a little irritated or even bleed easily the first time you use them. However, after the first few brushes , your gums will get used to the changed conditions. Studies show that people who suffer from bleeding gums in general will experience relief after a while if they regularly clean their teeth with an electric toothbrush.
Most manufacturers recommend changing the brush head every three months . Before buying an electric toothbrush, be aware that there are follow-up costs. Find out in the electric toothbrush test and comparison how expensive the replacement brushes are and which makes are among the best electric toothbrushes on the market. electric toothbrushes will experience interesting impulses over the next few decades and new technologies will be researched.

The evolution of the electric toothbrush

The need for oral care has existed for several thousand years. In the early days, chewing sticks were used to clean the teeth. From the 15th to the 18th century, toothbrushes made of bone, bamboo and animal fur were used, which were replaced by toothbrushes with nylon bristles in the 1940s . In 1954, the manufacturer Broxodent made the first automatic toothbrush, while in 1987 the first rotating toothbrush was developed.
Sonic brushes were only manufactured in the 90s and shortly before the turn of the millennium, the first 3D toothbrush that oscillated and pulsed came onto the market. In 2002 Philips developed the innovative Sonicare sound technology and six years later electric toothbrushes were manufactured with ultrasonic technology. We have been able to brush our teeth with the smart app since 2014 and Oral-B has been offering innovative position detection since 2017. The development of the toothbrush is not yet complete.

Numbers, data, facts about the electric toothbrush.

While manual toothbrushes cost between two and six euros, the price for electric toothbrushes is higher, as implemented technologies, high-quality materials, a power supply and significantly better cleaning results are offered. Electric toothbrushes are represented in all price segments and the most expensive models cost around 200 euros.
In well-stocked online shops you will not only find oscillating models with up to 30,000 vibrations per minute, but also sonic toothbrushes with up to 350 Hertz. If you want to clean your teeth with up to 1.5 million vibrations per minute, we recommend ultrasonic brushes, which achieve the best result.

Tips for the care and maintenance of electric toothbrushes:

  • If you regularly maintain and care for your electric toothbrush, you can avoid health problems and extend its service life.
  • Since the saliva, like the toothpaste, gets into the crevices and cracks when you brush, you should clean the brush head thoroughly after each use. Keep pulling the brush head off and rinse it with hot running water. Shake out the brush head and set it up to dry. Rinse the motor part briefly, provided your electric toothbrush is waterproof. Alternatively, you can wipe the motor part with a damp cloth.
  • Never clean the electric toothbrush with aggressive cleaning agents or boiling water.
  • Make sure that the remaining moisture dries!
  • Check the connection points for rust and mold!
  • Change the brush head every three months, unless the bristles have frayed earlier.
  • Keep the electric toothbrush and brush head in a well-ventilated and dry place. Avoid stowing the electric toothbrush in a closet and do not choose a location with high humidity.
  • So that the operating time of the battery is not drastically reduced, you should discharge it completely before charging!


Which toothbrushes work particularly quietly?

Sonic toothbrushes clean the teeth more quietly than oscillating models, which also exert pulsating movements.

Which brushes are gentle on the gums?

Toothbrushes are extremely gentle on the gums. Sonic toothbrushes are also preferable to rotating toothbrushes if your gums are sensitive.

Which electric toothbrushes are recommended for hard-to-reach teeth?

With oscillating electric toothbrushes you can clean hard-to-reach areas such as wisdom teeth, as the brush head is smaller than that of a sonic or ultrasonic toothbrush.

Is a timer function recommended?

Numerous electric toothbrushes are now equipped with a timer that shows the necessary brushing time, as many people clean their teeth too briefly.

How hard does the brush head have to be pressed against the teeth?

If the bristles come apart after a few days, you are pressing too hard. There are now electrical brush systems on the market that measure the pressure and show via app or screen whether you are moving the brush head correctly and applying the appropriate pressure.

How are the brush heads cared for?

The brush heads should be cleaned under running water while they are switched on. You should then set up the brush heads to dry. You can also clean the brush heads in the dishwasher. Do not forget to free the coupling point between the handle and the brush head from incrustations.

Are electric toothbrushes suitable for children?

There are special electric toothbrushes on the market for children that are equipped with smaller attachments.
The risk of injury is the same as when cleaning with a manual toothbrush. Parents should brush their teeth with the electric toothbrush until the offspring has learned the motor skills. This usually lasts until the age of eight.

Alternatives to the electric toothbrush

The tried and tested manual toothbrush is an alternative , but its cleaning results when brushing your teeth do not match those of electric toothbrushes . In other cultures, numerous indigenous peoples use liquorice root. This wood cleans the spaces between the teeth, the edge of the gums and the tongue from plaque and contamination.

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