How to Use Sonic Toothbrush, Tips from the Manufacturer

Date:2022-01-05 08:59
Up to 90 percent of people suffer from inflammation of the gums. A common reason for this is the wrong toothbrushing technique . This also applies to the sonic toothbrush . For this reason, we would like to explain to you here how it is done correctly and which tricks you can use to increase your dental hygiene enormously without much effort.

This is how you get the best cleaning results

The rotating electric toothbrush is guided from tooth to tooth with circular movements. The handling of the sonic toothbrush is very similar, only that you can do without the circular movements .
It takes very little pressure to clean your teeth thoroughly. As with other toothbrushes, it works from red to white . This means that you start cleaning the gums and then move the brush to the lower edge of the tooth.

Careful cleaning is important

You should always brush carefully with the sonic toothbrush without exerting high pressure. Especially when working with such a device for the first time, the unusual vibrations can be perceived as unusual or even irritating. Therefore you should start with a short cleaning time of about one minute at the beginning until you get used to the new feeling.
Relish electric toothbrush manufacturer offers sonic toothbrushes that offer a special cleaning program for beginners. This program gradually increases the strength of the vibrations and the brushing time, making it easy to get used to your new toothbrush.
Pressing the toothbrush down hard is not advisable for a number of reasons. Gentle handling of the toothbrush is less irritating to the gums. In addition, there is also a better cleaning result if you only move the brush lightly past the teeth. In this process, toothpaste and saliva form a mixture that is able to penetrate into tight spaces and thoroughly remove food particles and plaque. This can develop better with a low pressure of the brush on the teeth.

The use of toothpaste

Unless otherwise recommended by the manufacturer, the sonic toothbrush can be used with the conventional toothpaste that is also used with the manual toothbrush. It should be noted that you can get by with a small amount of toothpaste.

It is advisable to first distribute the toothpaste over the four quadrants in the mouth before switching on the device. The toothbrush should also only be switched on in the mouth to avoid the toothpaste being thrown off the brush by the vibrations.

Brush regularly and systematically

When it comes to dental care, regularity is of the utmost importance. That is why you should clean with a sonic toothbrush  twice a day . When brushing your teeth, it is also helpful to stick to a certain rhythm. In your mind you can divide your mouth into four quadrants:
  • Top left
  • Bottom left
  • Top right
  • Bottom right
When cleaning you should make sure that the same amount of time is spent on each of these quadrants . Some sonic toothbrushes are equipped with a timer that shows a total cleaning time of three minutes. After every quarter of the time, there will be a slight tone indicating that the quadrant should be changed.

It is also important to always brush from the gums to the teeth. The result is a light massage for the gums, with which the blood circulation is promoted and at the same time the gum line is cleaned and freed from bacteria.
As with a manual toothbrush, bacteria accumulate on the brush heads over time. Therefore, you should make sure to change the brush head about every three months.

Use with braces, implants and bridges

With braces, excellent cleaning can be achieved with the sonic toothbrush , as the toothpaste-saliva mixture can be removed from fine gaps . Since no pressure is exerted, the braces are not damaged during cleaning.
Cleaning is also possible for bridges and dental implants. Thorough cleaning removes bacteria and prevents inflammation, so that implants can have a longer shelf life.
However, one should wait a few weeks after inserting the dental implants. In this way, the implants can grow into the jaw and are not loosened by the vibrations.

A good purchase makes it easier to use

With the purchase of the right model you can make the application much easier. The following features of the device can be of great benefit when brushing your teeth:
  • Andruckkontroll
  • Frequency
  • Different cleaning programs and intensities
  • Long battery life
  • Timer
If you choose a model with pressure control , the sonic toothbrush draws attention to you if you exert too much pressure when brushing your teeth. This makes it easier to control the handling of the toothbrush and always brush optimally. In this way, the pressure control helps to avoid damage to the teeth or gums, which can result from excessive cleaning pressure.

When buying the toothbrush, it is also important to consider the frequency at which the device vibrates. The higher the frequency, the more pleasant you feel when cleaning, since unpleasant vibrations can arise with low vibrations. The vibrations should be in the range of 250 to 300 Hertz .
With different cleaning programs, the cleaning experience can be perfectly adapted to your own requirements. In addition to the program for beginners , good models have a particularly intensive level with which the teeth can be freed from stains and stubborn plaque. In addition, a normal brushing program is available and there is often a special level for sensitive teeth.
A long battery life also makes the device easier to use, especially if you want to use the sonic toothbrush on the go. Most models can be used twice a day for several weeks before the battery discharges and needs to be charged. It is also practical for on the go if the toothbrush can be charged with a USB cable.


If you consider the fact that such a toothbrush should be guided over the teeth with almost no pressure , there is no abrasion of the teeth and the gums are also spared.
The brush head is usually larger than that of a conventional electric toothbrush. Nevertheless, the sonic toothbrush is better able to reach hard-to-reach places in the mouth. The mixture of saliva and toothpaste can use the vibrations to clean even where normal toothbrushes are ineffective.

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