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Date:2022-08-24 17:48

Real Electric Toothbrush User Reviews

These electric toothbrush reviews are taken from the Internet and compiled by Relish editors. As an electric toothbrush manufacturer, we currently have no overseas retail business, that is, we do not sell oral care products such as electric toothbrushes and irrigators to individuals. If you are interested in mass customization of electric toothbrushes, please feel free to contact us.

Philips > Sonicare Protect Clean Premium HX6897/25 [White]

Review from airgaogao Mr/Miss.
I think it is simple and easy to use . After using another Sonicare series for about 3 years, the noise level of the main unit became louder, so I try to use the genuine product as much as possible [Brush effect] Once a day 5 It is effective enough to brush your teeth for about a minute, and I feel that my gums are much tighter than before . [Battery] The button flashes to let you know, so it's easy to understand. I was at a loss as to which price range to choose among the Sonicare toothbrushes, but in the end I decided that I didn't need a smartphone function, so I chose this one because it allows you to brush your teeth with an emphasis on preventing periodontal disease. Once you experience the convenience of this, you will never go back to manual polishing. After that, it will be best if it is durable and long lasting, so I try not to get it wet as much as possible.

Braun > Oral-B iO9 iOM92B22ACBK

Review from bear 198407 Mr/Miss.
I don't expect a toothbrush to have that much design, but I think it's cool and cool.
[Ease of use]
Simple operability allows you to use it without stress.
[Quietness] The
sound is noisy. But I think it's acceptable.
[Toothpaste effect]
When I was examined by a dentist, I was told that I was able to polish it well.
[Comfortable Polishing]
There is a little pain at first, but it is comfortable once you get used to it.
The battery doesn't last long, so I think that's the only drawback.
I've been using it for almost a year now, but the battery life is a little bad, and I can use it comfortably except for the hassle of having to charge it about once a week.

 Philips > Sonicare 9900 Prestige HX9992/22 [midnight blue]

Review from Takeyan 28 Mr/Miss.
The power button, etc. can be made seamless and compact.
Until now, toothpaste ingredients got into the gap of the power button, and there was a case where the power button could not be pressed.
It is the best in both "function" and "design".
[Ease of use]
Compared to Diamond Clean Smart, it is smaller and lighter and is much easier to handle.
[Quietness] The
sound is as loud as Diamond Clean Smart.
[Toothbrushing effect]
Feel the effect by replacing with a premium all-in-one brush head.
[Peeling comfort]
The teeth are smooth and very good.
I don't know if the electric toothbrush itself is good or if the head brush is good, but it's better than Diamond Clean Smart.
I am not conscious of the battery life because it is always charged.
[Sonicare app] If
you share the electric toothbrush body with your family, it is not supposed to be shared and used by family members, etc., so Philips's advertising phrase, "Guidance for each individual" does not work at all.
The data accumulated so far on the dashboard has disappeared.
I bought it to use the app to motivate myself to brush my teeth, but it's the worst.
If you are thinking about purchasing this product, you will need to purchase multiple units if you are using the app function with multiple people such as family members, as only one electric toothbrush can be used by one person.
Owning a smartphone is a prerequisite, and changing the brushing mode is not possible without the Sonicare app.
I bought it expecting the Sonicare app, but it's completely useless and the worst.
In this case, it is much better to purchase a cheap Sonicare that does not work with the app.
This is the worst product in terms of cost performance.

 Flux > T-Time BA FLTM-19B

Review from kei0614 Mr/Miss.

I bought it on impulse because it was on sale at Don Quixote. This model comes with an electric toothbrush and water pick.

I used to use an analog one a long time ago, so it feels pretty easy to use.
To be honest, electric toothbrushes are undeniably lacking in power compared to those of famous manufacturers. However, I hear that it is not good to polish too strongly, so this may be good.
Waterpik is a really good product.
I was impressed by the fact that it produced hydrogen water.

It seems to be effective because it changes to whitish during generation. Then there's the issue of durability..

Panasonic > Sonic Vibration Toothbrush Doltz EW-DP52-P [Pink]
Review from Good morning Mr/Miss.
The glossy paint gives it a luxurious feel. I don't expect much from a toothbrush.

[Ease of use]I used to use the company's compact one and it was light. Although the size has increased, I feel that I can grip it stably. The vibration has momentum because the battery is new. Be careful not to open your mouth during operation.
[Quietness]A certain amount of noise is inevitable.
[Toothpaste effect]I think it is more effective than hand polishing.
[Brushing comfort]After brushing, the teeth are smooth.
[Battery]The battery life is about the same as the previous model, but the charging time is very short.
[Overview]I think it's a model that can be used safely as a sonic vibration toothbrush.

 Panasonic > Sonic Vibration Toothbrush Doltz EW-DE42

Review from Good morning Mr/Miss.
Small and compact.
[Easy to use]
Small and light, easy to use.
It makes some noise.
[Toothbrushing effect]
I don't know the effect of ions, but it seems to be more beautiful than manual polishing.
[Polished comfort]
It feels smooth after polishing.
Once charged, it can be used for about 2 weeks without charging. Charging time is long. (It takes one night.)
Compact and easy-to-use electric toothbrush. I was wondering how effective ions are, but the replacement brushes for ions are gone. I still use it as a regular replacement brush.

Philips > Sonicare 3100 series HX3671/33

Review from Dobugame Mr/Miss.

Even if you are not good at brushing your teeth, you can brush it cleanly.

[Design] It's a little thinner than Kami's Diamond Clean 9000, but I personally want it to be thinner and smaller.

[Quietness] It seems to be a little quieter than Kami's model. . .

[Toothbrushing effect] This is extremely effective.
I've used various electric toothbrushes such as Doltz, GUM, and Dentor Systema, but I can feel the differenceEven old people who are not good at brushing their teeth and are full of cavities can clean it.

[Battery] Brush twice a day and feel a little tight for 2 weeks. Is it safe to say that it is about 10 days?
The GUM electric toothbrush that I had been using for a long time was discontinued and there were no replacement brushes, so I chose this model because I wanted to buy something cheap for the time being.

The result is the correct answer. To be honest , I don't need toothpaste, but I use toothpaste only in the morning because I want a refreshing mint feeling after brushing.

Panasonic > Sonic Vibration Toothbrush Doltz EW-DL35-A [Blue]

Review from Hideomi Mr/Miss.

[Design]It has a clean design.[Ease of use]Since there are few functions, it is very easy to use because it can only be used for normal polishing or soft polishing.[Quietness]I have used other electric toothbrushes, but I don't think they are as noisy.[Toothbrushing effect]I feel that I can brush my teeth well.Battery life isn't that great, but if you turn it on every time you don't mind it.[Overview] I think it's a good value because it has few functions.

 Braun > Oral-B Sumizumi Clean White D12013W

Review from mura-san Mr/Miss.

stable specs I have been using it for a long time.I repeat about 5 of them, but it's stable.I will continue to use it.

 Braun > Oral-B iO9 iOM92B22ACBK

Review from tab Mr/Miss.
We used model in front of this, but bought a new as method was completely different.
In the previous model, there were cases where the gums were scratched and gingivitis occurred, but this is soft so there is almost no need to worry. However, the finish is as smooth as the signboard.
It's expensive, but I'm glad I bought it.

Electric Toothbrush > Philips > Sonicare 9900 Prestige HX9992/21 [Champagne]
Review from zhuli516 Mr/Miss.
I am happy with the replacement.
Simple. It doesn't look much different than the one I used before, but the case is smaller and more portable.
[Ease of use] Easy to
use. Same as what I'm using now.
It's much quieter than the one I'm using now.
[Toothbrushing effect]
Good. You can check it in the app, so you can see the effect.
[Polishing comfort]
Lasts longer than the one I'm using now.
I am satisfied with the purchase.

Electric Toothbrush > Philips > Sonicare Cordless Power Flosser 3000 HX3806/31

Review from Yukidaruma Mr/Miss.

The charging terminal is USB / Type-C, so you can conveniently charge it while traveling.

Until now, I used a Panasonic mouthwash, but switched to Sonicare, which also uses an electric toothbrush.
The best thing is that the charging terminal is USB / Type-C.
It is a versatile terminal that can be used with smartphones, so it is very convenient to charge while traveling.
The amount of water and water pressure is sufficient, and the space between the teeth will be clean.
It is especially recommended for those who are undergoing orthodontics because it cleans the space between teeth with water jets.
Electric Toothbrush > Braun > Oral-B Aquajet MD20

Review from iq0_0 Mr/Miss.
In this case, floss and rinse your mouth.
weak. Even the strongest is weak. It's just water hitting the gums, but I don't know if this is good.
I have used a domestic product, but I gave up using it because it tickled me.

Electric toothbrush > Philips > Sonicare 3100 series HX3671/23

Review from maru_san Mr/Miss.

Good for experiencing an electric toothbrush for people who are not good at brushing their teeth normally

We purchase for relative who used only common toothbrush until now.
I have a habit of doing something while thinking, and with a normal toothbrush, there seems to be occasional brushing residue.
However, the recommended toothbrush set was very expensive, and he consulted with me, who had an image of using it for quite some time, so I purchased this model as an introduction.
Simple. is Best
[Ease of use]
Simple. is Best (2nd time)
Turning the power on and off are both one-button, so there is no need to hesitate.
[Toothbrushing effect & comfort]
This is important.
In order to write a review, I changed my own brush to the head and tried it, but it was
almost the same as the normal mode of my own electric toothbrush (high-performance version). (Good meaning.) I think that it can be said that there is no problem with the two points of "first to get used to the electric toothbrush" and

"I just want to be able to brush my teeth properly." Since the method of brushing teeth will change from "brushing" to "applying the brush in order", it is necessary to consciously teach the body (?) for about two weeks, but now it is "while thinking" Even if I do it, I'm impressed because when I notice it, it's beautiful!" I feel very satisfied.

You may be interested in a different mode, but you just need to decide when you buy it next time.
I also think that if I buy one for myself, this might be okay lol

Electric Toothbrush > Panasonic > Sonic Vibration Toothbrush Doltz EW-DM62-A [Blue]

Review from Speedstar2 Mr/Miss.

I think that it can be said that it is a sonic vibration as the song says

[Design] It is slimmer than high-end models, and the metallic blue and white colors are very beautiful. The thickness of the neck of the brush is a bit disappointing because I am used to the thin neck of my regular toothbrush.
[Ease of use] It is light and easy to hold, so you can use it easily without feeling uncomfortable with hand polishing. I think that it is good for carrying because it is not bulky.
[Quietness] The sound waves echoing in the brain are not quiet, but the family nearby does not seem to mind.
[Toothbrushing effect] It is natural that it is efficient because it vibrates thousands of times faster than manual brushing, but if you do not observe the angle, strength and time of brushing, you may scrape your teeth, so be careful. Until now, even if I polished it for dozens of minutes, the stain would settle in a few months, but I'm looking forward to seeing what happens from now on.
[Comfortable polishing] It will be much smoother in one-tenth of the time.
[Battery] After purchasing, I noticed that the nickel-metal hydride battery did not last as long as I expected, and it ran out in about two weeks after using it once a day for about 3 minutes. It takes 17 hours to fully charge. It may be because the high-end model is more than double the price because it is a lithium-ion battery.
[Overview] It's my first electric toothbrush in over a decade, and my first Doltz.

Electric Toothbrush > Philips > Philips One HY1100/33 [Mint]

Review from Nikuna.com Mr/Miss.

Compare Philips One with Pocket Dolts (EW-DS42)

Philips One is overwhelmingly more comfortable to polish than Pocket Dolts. After all, Philips One is good that the brush and the main body are the same size as a normal toothbrush. If you're not careful with the cylindrical case of the Pocket Dolz, mold may grow on it. The cylindrical case makes it difficult to wash. I wrapped an alcohol-based sanitizing wet tissue around a disposable chopstick and wiped it off. Philips One is easy to wash because it is not cylindrical.
The price of the main unit is about the same in the middle of 2,000 yen, but the replacement brushes that come with two are cheaper than the Pocket Dolts.
The goodness of Pocket Dolts is about the size that is easy to carry and the cheap price of replacement brushes. If you're looking for a comfortable toothbrush, Philips One is the one.
Electric toothbrush > Panasonic > Jet washer Doltz EW-DJ41

Review from Malakhan Mr/Miss.
 It's not easy to use because the water flies, but I don't think it's a problem in the bath.
Even if the door is closed, it is noisy enough to be heard in the next room, but I don't use an electric toothbrush, so I think it's like this.
[Toothbrushing effect]
I don't feel much effect because it's threaded, but it doesn't reach beyond the back tooth, so it helps.
[General Comment]
I think it would be nice if we could continue.
The amount of water is stronger than I expected, and I sometimes feel pain at 3 memory out of 4, so I use it at about 2.

Electric toothbrush > Panasonic > Jet washer Doltz EW-DJ75

Review from seven star 7mm Mr/Miss.
This feels good on the gums!
This is the first oral irrigator purchase recommended by a person. It makes a lot of noise, but compared to other manufacturers' products, it seems to be much better and cleanly removes plaque. I used to use interdental brushes, but I no longer need them. Dolz after a meal really refreshes me, and above all, it feels good to be able to adjust the water pressure level and massage my gums, and it seems to be good for my gums. I now use it twice a day after brushing my teeth. If you get used to it and can do it perfectly, it seems that you can do it without brushing your teeth. I was told by a nearby dentist that the plaque was removed much better than before, so basically I would like to brush my teeth additionally so that I can get by with only Doltz.

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