How to do the logistics of the products imported from China?

Date:2021-07-28 11:57

After a lot of research, you came across a Chinese supplier that is aligned with all of your prerequisites for product development. The process involved the creation of several samples, until the product was exactly as expected. They did the production and will soon move to the final destination.

But at the end of the day, how do you go about transporting that cargo from Asia to the country where your distribution warehouse is located? The idea of ​​this text is precisely to show you what the shipping options are.

Before anything else, it is important to note that you have been through the hardest part, which is finding and developing a supplier. Transportation seems complex, but it is a relatively simple part of the process of buying in China. Despite this, it is essential to pay attention in this phase, because if it is done in the wrong way it can cause a waste of time and money.

For everything to go well it is important to understand which options fit your objectives and choose good partners to carry out the process, if you do not have domain in the area.

Next, we share what are the transportation alternatives. The choice between them will depend on the values ​​and the time you are willing to spend to receive them. Check and continue with your China import process.

Types of transport that can be used in your import

Basically, you can count on three logistics formats for your cargo in China: courier, air and ocean freight.

Courier service

This is undoubtedly the most expensive method. However, it is also the most efficient and fastest. Depending on the amount of merchandise you are transporting, this can be an excellent alternative.

The courier services are provided by companies such as Fedex, DHL and UPS. When hiring one of these companies you do not need to worry much, since they are responsible for customs services, in addition to searching and delivering the cargo directly where it has been indicated.

In general, the documents required by courier services are: invoice, packing list and certificate of origin. The delivery time of the products varies between two and five business days, depending on the final destination.

Air Transport

Air transport is a cheaper alternative than courier, but it also reaches the final destination quite quickly. On average, it takes between two and ten business days for your order to arrive.

Unlike the courier, customs clearance will be your responsibility. You can do this on your own, if you have full command of the process, or you can hire a company that understands the matter. This agent charges a fee to perform the service, but the investment may be worth it when compared to the value of your cargo.

When using air freight, you will need the following documents: invoice, certificate of origin, sender's export declaration (SED), bill of lading, packing list, import inspection certificate, and destination control declaration.

Marine transport

The third option to transport your products from China to the final destination is through ocean freight. In this mode, your orders are placed in containers and are directed to the most strategic port of the destination country.

Sea freight is the cheapest of all and very popular with those who shop in China. Its negative point is the delay. Your orders can take up to 60 days to reach the final destination, depending on the address.

As in the air option, you or a specialized agency need to take care of the entire customs clearance process, in addition to having to hire a company that does the transport from the China factory to the Chinese port, and from the final port to your stock.

The interesting thing about this modality is that you can route, in the same container, products from different suppliers. With organization, this allows all of your items to arrive together (which is strategic, taking transportation time into consideration).

If you have a freight forwarder in China, you may be responsible for receiving all items from your company and consolidating them into a single container.

To carry out the maritime transport you will need the following documents: invoice, certificate of origin, sender's export declaration, packing list, import inspection certificate and declaration of destination control.

Do I have to hire people to do this job?

If this is your first time transporting Chinese products, we strongly recommend that you have a freight forwarder to do the process. This service can be contracted both in your country and in China.

By having a partner in the same country as you, communication is easier. By having an agent in Asia, you can help by accompanying the process directly with the supplier and avoiding possible errors.

Depending on the size of the contracted company, you can have agents in both parts. This scenario is ideal, since it eliminates any type of problem during transport.

If your objective is to do this process on your own, it is essential to understand the import rules of each country of origin, to avoid errors and possible undue tax payments. As for the necessary documents that were cited during this text, here is a link with models that can be used as a basis.

I want to sell the products to the United States, but living in Latin America. I can do it?

From the moment you find a good supplier in China, you don't need to limit yourself to selling these items in Latin America. Focusing on the American market is an excellent strategy for those who want to earn money working with imports.

The United States is an excellent country for those who want to reach large numbers of people with quality products from China. This is because Americans are the world's largest buyers and responsible for a third of global consumption. To have an idea, in 2016 alone, they were responsible for moving $ 13 billion.

Interesting to think of approaching the country with those perspectives, right? The good news is that those who want to expand their horizons and sell the items to the United States can do so with peace of mind, even living in Latin America.

For that, it is only to open a company in the United States . In this text , we have suggested how to find a good Chinese supplier. If your goal is to focus on the US market and reach even more customers, follow the material step by step, taking into account the profile of the US consumer. When transporting these items to the North American country, follow the advice from this text you just read and send the items directly to our warehouse, which is located in Orlando.

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