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find manufacturers in china. location of industries

Date:2021-07-24 15:31


First of all, I want you to know that, to find the right manufacturer in China, you must know where each industry is located. You should know that this is not easy even for the same Chinese commercial agents. For this reason, this article is a mine if your industry is one of those that we are going to name.

If you immerse yourself in this article, we assure you that you will find a manufacturer with really good prices. In addition, you only have to compare, to realize the difference in prices between a manufacturer in the appropriate area , and a manufacturer in another province.

These are the advantages of locating a supplier or manufacturer in the right area:

  • Lower production costs
  • Many similar vendors, offering the same product.
  • Transportation has much lower costs.
  • If you travel to the area, you can meet with several providers, in the same city.


China world's leading manufacturer of glasses . In addition, he is also a very active consumer. Eyewear manufacturers in China are located in the following areas:

  • Dongguan
  • Shenzhen de Guangdong,
  • Xiamen de Fujian,
  • Wenzhou de Zhejiang
  • Danyang de Jiangsu

Shenzhen is the high-end market, and all the big brands manufacture here.

The bespoke glasses are designed to meet the needs and fashions of consumers. Also, to meet these needs, China has manufacturers that use different templates to design them. In the same way, here are some of the glasses models that China has manufactured the most in recent years.


Due to the increasing need on the part of consumers, the demand for contact lenses continues to increase. As a result, the sales of this group of glasses are expected to reach a higher growth rate than those of traditional glasses.


One study revealed that most middle-aged people start wearing prebiotic glasses from the age of 45, so it makes this market very attractive.

This type of glasses is heavily marketed in America and Europe. Similarly, the Chinese population is expected to start wearing these glasses as the standard of living improves.


Sunglasses protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays. Therefore, the demand for these glasses continues to increase because the population uses them as a fashion accessory. There is also a high demand for children's sunglasses.


Parents increasingly choose to buy sunglasses for their children. This is due to the daily recommendations from health experts. This causes a growing market for children's sunglasses manufacturers.

As expected, Europe and America, the current importers of children's glasses with the most international presence. For this reason, there is a growing demand that reveals very interesting market niches.

find manufacturers in china. location of industries

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The demand for children's clothing is more important in China than in other countries. In addition, more and more large brands decide to start designing children's clothing , and this is a response to the demand that is growing internationally.

If we refer to children's clothing, it has high commercial margins. On the other hand, this helps wholesalers and retailers around the world who are not only experiencing an increase in demand, but also to obtain profitable merchandise.

Here you can find the children's clothing suppliers in China:

  • Ji Mo, provincia de Shandong
  • Zhili, provincia de Zhejiang.

Keys to keep in mind to verify your Chinese provider.

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The demand for men's clothing is currently growing. Furthermore, China's menswear retail sales were reported to have exceeded 780 billion yuan in 2017.

As the purchasing power of consumers increases, we see a similar increase in the consumption of menswear. If we talk about high-quality, branded clothing , China is currently a world benchmark.

Here are the areas where the men's clothing manufacturers are located in China:

  • Zhejiang,
  • Fujian
  • Guangdong

The menswear industry continues to grow globally and audiences are becoming more diverse. It seems that consumers are more willing to spend on brands and this increases the average purchase value.


The best place to buy socks is Datang (Zhejiang province). It produces about 65% of socks in China and controls about 1/3 of the world's sock production.

It began manufacturing socks in the 1980s. Similarly, the city underwent rapid development during the following decade. The city of Datang started with just 1,000 inhabitants and became the sock capital of the world.

It currently has a population of 60 thousand inhabitants, produces 8 billion socks every year.

The sock industry in Datang is the economic model for Zhejiang Province. It seems that the entire sock district in Datang had more than 100,000 sock machines, with an annual output of 20 billion pairs of socks and annual revenue of 28 billion yuan.

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The auto accessories industry in China has been the largest in the world since 2008. The annual production of auto accessories in China (since 2009) exceeds that of the European Union. Similarly, the combined production volume of the United States and Japan. China's domestic market provides manufacturers with a solid foundation.

When China joined the World Trade Organization in 2001, there was a further acceleration in the development of the auto industry. This has led to its consolidation year after year as a leader in the manufacture of car accessories, positioning a competitive and profitable industry worldwide.

Here you can find the Chinese manufacturers of car accessories:

  • Tiantai, provincia de Zhejiang.



Footwear market, a very profitable giant industry for China. There are a total of four major groups of shoe industries in China. These are found in the southeastern coastal regions. The first base of the footwear industry is Guangdong, led by Guangzhou and Dongguan . Its main products are medium to high level shoes.

Second , it is the Zhejiang shoe industry. It is run by Wenzhou and Taizhou. They are mainly engaged in the production of medium to low level men's footwear.

The third bloc of the footwear industry is in the western region, led by Chengdu and Chongqing. It mainly produces low-end women's shoes.

The fourth shoe industry is led by Quanzhou and Jinjiang in Fujian. The industry produces sports shoes.

The main consumers of leather footwear are office workers. Manufacturers are currently putting more emphasis on the design and styles of leather shoes.

Men and women have different ideas when it comes to buying shoes . Men are more focused on traditional designs, while women are more interested in fashions. On average, women wear more shoes than men.

In relation to this, sports footwear has also gained a lot of strength due to current trends that are all over the world. The most common Chinese manufacturers in this industry include sneakers, travel shoes, tennis, soccer, or basketball. Among other.

In addition, the increasing popularity of sporting events is causing consumer awareness of fitness to continue to grow. Therefore, sports consumption has become a key part of consumer spending.

Of all the items, sports shoes have the strongest brand effect. In addition, popular brands such as Nike, Adidas or Reebook have experienced continuous growth and development, especially in second and third tier cities.

find manufacturers in china. location of industries


Shiling , Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province. Here is the largest center for the production of leather goods. Similarly, this area is where there are more sales of leather-related products, in relation to total imports in China. Around 120,000 thousand people are employed by the leather industry.

Since the 1970s, the central government promoted the industrial development of Shiling. He put a lot of attention in the leather work industry.

The activities in the industry are carried out in factories on a piece-rate basis. Shiling manufactures low and medium quality leather goods for the Chinese and international markets.

In order to manufacture and market high-end leather products, local business leaders continually improve their activity to manufacture high-end leather products.

In order to improve the quality of leather-related products produced in China, a leather training institute was developed to specialize farmers in the art of leather trade.


Home textiles , garment textiles, and industrial textiles make up the top three industries that make up the textile sector in China. Home textiles are used both in homes and in public places.

They can be divided into kitchen supplies, bedding, bathroom accessories and living room accessories.

China has five key areas for the home textile industry. Here is where you will find Chinese manufacturers for home textiles:

  • Primera, la provincia de Guangdong, Shanghai.
  • Provincia de Jiangsu.
  • La provincia de Zhejiang.
  • Zona de Shandong.

These areas concentrate the success with which they have become a strong chain of the home textile industry.



The growth of the home appliance industry in China has been attributed to lower prices of raw materials. In addition, effective corporate transformations and updates.

Out of the total market value, large household appliances, consisting of LCD televisions, air conditioners, washing machines and refrigerators, are the products that have the most presence in the Chinese household appliance industry. With them, China becomes a key link in finding competitive manufacturers for our product.

The most important industry area you can import from China is in Shunde, Foshan City, Guangdong Province.


Today, China is being recognized as the world's largest producer of toys . China has more than 1,300 large-scale toy manufacturers. This figure represents the production of approximately three-quarters of the total toys produced in the world.

The main toy export areas in China are in the southern provinces and coastal cities comprising Guangdong , Jiangsu , Shanghai , Shandong , Zhejiang, and Fujian , among others.

Guangdong and Fujian areas specialize in electronic and plastic toys, Jiangsu and Shanghai sell stuffed animals. On the other hand, Zhejiang specializes in wooden toys.

The high toy sales figures in China were obtained as a result of taking advantage of relatively cheap raw materials and labor cost. In addition, Chinese manufacturers design and customize toys in relation to the designs requested by their customers. This makes importing toys from China an even more profitable business.


This article can be really beneficial for importers looking in China for any of the industries listed above. Thanks to an efficient manufacturer location , they will achieve more competitive prices, higher quality products, specialized manufacturers, and higher sales margins.

If you have read this far, we would love you to share in some way this article, which has taken weeks to write to offer quality information to our readers.

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