Private Label Sonic Electric Toothbrush Line. Made Simple.

Date:2021-09-14 10:17

Relish offers a private label program for retailers looking to create their distinctive line of electric toothbrushes.
•  Private Label Electric Toothbrushes
All Relish electric toothbrushes are available for private label. Retailers can choose to have products with their own artwork, shape, design and color for a differentiated product line at a low cost.
•  Private Label Packaging
Electric toothbrush packaging can be customized for a completely re-branded product line. Relish can help assist retailers in making sure the custom packaging continue to comply with labelling laws.


Relish help retailers drive customer loyalty and beat the national brand by offering private label products with the following values.
•  A proven retail success
Relish has completed private label programs for retailers throughout North America, Europe and Asia in over 20 languages.
•  Differentiated product line
Retailers have full control over branding to personalize a line that can lead to higher customer loyalty.
•  High profitability
Relish's high quality, low priced electric toothbrushes enable retailers to offer value-price alternatives to the leading national brands.
•  Retail ready packaging
Relish's products are packed specifically for the grocery, drug and mass retail markets to help cut costs & rival strong brands.
•  Fully safety tested
All Relish products conform to relevant US, European and Japanese product safety standards & packaging labeling laws.
•  Certified manufacturer
As a GMP and BRC Global Standards manufacturer, you can rest assure that our compliancy will meet your high standards.


We would love to learn more about your private label needs.  For a prototype or quote and details on electric toothbrush or oral irrigator for private label please email worldbuz@gmail.com or sales09@relish-tech.com

As a professional manufacturer of electric toothbrush and oral irrigator / water flosser, Shenzhen Relish provides various types of electric toothbrush wholesale and OEM customized services. You can also wholesale water flosser from Relish at factory price. We can provide you highly competitive prices and look forward to working with you.

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