US market and FCC certification

Date:2021-07-09 09:00

To launch their products in international markets, companies have several steps to follow.
A defective one is necessary to certify that the products that are placed on the market meet the technical requirements established by national legislation.

In the electronics and telecommunications industry, one of the destinations most requested by producers, importers and distributors is the US market.
As with other countries, the sale of products is regulated by certification and regulatory bodies.
In the US, the FCC permits the marketing of electronic and telecommunications equipment only if they meet all the criteria for meeting established standards.
Products that pass the verification and approval procedures, obtain the FCC certification and can be placed on the market.


In the United States, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is the competent body, which establishes the rules and technical standards relating to different types of electronic equipment, including radio frequency devices, telecommunications terminal equipment, and industrial, scientific and medical.

All specific regulations relating to these and other devices, are contained in the different parts that make up the title 47 of the Code of Federal Regulations US ( Code of Federal Regulations ).
The FCC sets, for example, the maximum SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) limits for ' human exposure to electromagnetic fields.
in the first part 15 it regulates the quantitative limit of electromagnetic interference emitted by intentional emitters, radios that transmit without the need for a license, and unintentional emitters, electrical devices that contain inside a digital circuit and that operates at a frequency higher at 9kHz.
Standards for mobile phones, satellite telephony transmitters, and radio transmitters are available at different points from the other parts that make up the regulations.


The FCC has three different authorization procedures: Check, Declaration of Conformity and Certification.
Depending on the products and procedures, approval for FCC certification release They are the responsibility of the Federal Communications Commission or a certification body for the Telecommunications Telecommunications Certification Body (TCB) .
The TCB are institutions authorized to verify that the product meets the requirements to receive approval.
In practice, electronic devices that require FCC certification must first be tested in test laboratories.
The test reports and technical documentation of the device need to be examined by a TCB entity, who will evaluate the test results.
If the institution considers that the products comply, it will initiate the administrative procedures necessary for the approval of the certification.

If an electronic equipment manufacturer wanted to expand their US market, they must receive FCC certification .

Sicom Testing , in collaboration with a leading certification body and other associated specialized laboratories, offers its clients a complete consulting service on certification deadlines, carries out all the tests and prepares the documentation for the certification of the different types of electronic and telecommunications products.

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