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Where to find a trusted electric toothbrush supplier for your business

Date:2021-09-14 10:21

- How to find a good trusted electric toothbrush supplier? - Such a question can burden both a starting commodity business entrepreneur and an experienced businessman with a developed retail network.

Business is a dynamic system that is constantly in motion: either progress or regression. And a trusted electric toothbrush supplier that is satisfying in the early stages of a business is not a good fit in a well-established enterprise. The problem of finding suppliers arises under different circumstances: starting a business, expanding, wanting to diversify the assortment, increasing the scale of sales, looking for better quality or low cost - as well as in their combinations.


§one. What a electri toothbrush suppliers are there?

1.1. Local Suppliers

Let's start with the most affordable source of wholesale merchandise. These are suppliers in your city. It is not difficult to find them - it is enough to visit the city wholesale base, view the ads or "google".

A huge plus of such suppliers is personal contacts, thanks to which it is easy to negotiate supplies, evaluate the quality of the offered goods or bargain. In addition, delivery is already established from local suppliers, and you can take a small amount of goods, which is convenient for a store that is just opening.

The disadvantages of such suppliers are the limited assortment and high cost.

Where to find a trusted electric toothbrush supplier for your business
Typical wholesale warehouse


1.2. Suppliers from Moscow

Higher-level suppliers are based in Moscow. At the capital's wholesale depots, commodity cargoes from all over the world are consolidated, which increases the assortment and reduces the cost.

However, in order to independently evaluate the goods or bargain, you will have to go to Moscow in person. You also need to hire a transport company that will deliver the goods to your warehouse.

The advantages of suppliers in Moscow are the largest wholesale bases in Russia, a wide range of products. Cons - logistics costs, prices are still quite high.

Where to find a trusted electric toothbrush supplier for your business
Wholesale base in Moscow


1.3. Suppliers from China

The cheapest and most diverse wholesale market in the world is, of course, China. While Moscow wholesalers supply the regions, Chinese suppliers supply Moscow. This Asian industrial giant supplies goods all over the world. Experienced entrepreneurs and large retail chains work exclusively with China, conclude contracts directly with factories and have a dozen regular suppliers.

Where to find a trusted electric toothbrush supplier for your business
Futien, the largest international wholesale market in China

In China, you can find everything: from advanced trends to consistently popular consumer goods - and it will cost a penny. But the question remains: how to enter the wholesale markets of China?

More on that later.


§2. How to buy in China?

2.1. Go to China

A trip to China has obvious advantages: this method will allow you to personally assess the quality and range of goods, make useful contacts and order directly from manufacturers. As a bonus, you will see the country and learn a lot about the mentality of the Chinese, which will help to successfully do business with them.

However, a trip to China will hit the pocket. In addition to buying a consignment of goods, you will have to go all out for travel and accommodation, and then for logistics and customs.

Let's make an approximate budget calculation for a weekly trip to China.

  • Visa for a single entry to the PRC - $ 75 .
  • Air ticket Moscow-Beijing one way - $ 300 .
  • If you are not a Muscovite, we will also throw on the road to the capital - $ 75 .
  • An average hotel in China will cost $ 60 per night. Week - 420 $ .
  • You also need to eat - $ 200 .
  • It is unlikely that you know Chinese. English in China won't help you. The cost of a translator per week is $ 700 .
  • Since we are in China, we need a minimum of goods per item - $ 1000 .
  • We do not forget about the delivery of goods to our homeland. Suppose our load is 50 kg. With an average tariff of $ 5 per kg, we have - $ 250 .


In total, our tour to China and back cost $ 3400 or 220 thousand rubles . To get a profit from the sale of goods, you will have to make a markup by 4 times. What if your competitors are cheaper?

So if you are planning to go to China in person, calculate the risks in advance and think about where you will go, what you will look for, how to transport it and how to sell it.

Where to find a trusted electric toothbrush supplier for your business
Wholesale ranks in China

2.2. Order on Alibaba or 1688

Fortunately, the twentieth century is long past, which means there is no need to personally go to buy goods, waste time and money. For the convenience of large wholesale customers in China, there are online platforms such as Alibaba or 1688 , which bring together thousands of suppliers from the Chinese domestic market. These sites offer cheap products from hundreds of categories. The choice is not limited: you can talk with suppliers, agree on the characteristics of the desired products, additional discounts and even the production of products to order.

The disadvantage of such sites is the same language barrier. The services of managers are paid, but there is no protection against fraudsters. In addition, warehouse, customs and delivery issues fall entirely on your shoulders. This means that there is no way without an intermediary.

Thus, Chinese online platforms are good as a supplier exchange, but they cannot boast of a service for working with foreign clients.

Where to find a trusted electric toothbrush supplier for your business website interface


2.3. Order on AsiaOptom

Finally, let's talk about our site. AsiaOptom is essentially the same service for working with Russian buyers and Chinese suppliers that Alibaba or 1688 does not have .

We collect trade pages of all Chinese suppliers, translate them into Russian and adapt them for a domestic customer. For the convenience of working with China, we bought out warehouses in Beijing and Guangzhou and opened offices to work with suppliers. Our staff has managers with knowledge of the Chinese language who organize currency conversion, redemption of goods, delivery, collection of goods and escort at customs.

Before sending the goods, we take detailed photos of the goods, so that in case of discrepancies, we can exchange them in China. At the same time, we provide all the necessary documents for resale in Russia or the CIS. Our services are already included in the price of the goods in the catalog, so you do not need to pay anything extra.

At AsiaOptom, finding a supplier and buying a product comes down to three simple steps: choose, pay, receive.

Where to find a trusted electric toothbrush supplier for your business website interface



There are tons of ways to find a supplier. The main thing is to take into account what kind of business you have, what clients and what financial possibilities. Someone will suit a local supplier, and someone will go broke without Moscow wholesalers. Someone will find everything they need in China, while someone's business is built on goods from Europe.

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