Are electric toothbrushes better for braces?

Date:2022-01-04 16:55

Even if you can't help it, crooked teeth and misaligned teeth look unaesthetic and can be painful. They can also be the cause of illnesses, for example when they make it difficult to brush your teeth, swallow and chew.
These misalignments can be corrected in most cases. The fact that very few people have perfect teeth can be seen from the fact that around 70 percent of all people under the age of 18 in America wear braces.

Causes of braces

Misaligned teeth can have various causes. They can be congenital, caused by certain behaviors (sucking pacifiers or thumbs for too long) or insufficiently brushing teeth.
Incorrect or irregular brushing of teeth is the cause of misaligned teeth in around 40 percent of those affected.
The milk teeth act as placeholders for the teeth that grow back. If the milk teeth fall out too early due to carries, the permanent molars grow into the jaw incorrectly and take up the space for teeth that will grow back later.
Teeth that are too close together make brushing your teeth difficult. If neither the toothbrush nor the dental floss get through the gaps, bacteria will settle in the gaps. These can cause periodontal disease and / or tooth decay.

In children it often happens that the front teeth have grown too close together. If you want to correct crooked teeth, you have to wear fixed braces. It is firmly attached to the teeth and pulls on the chewing tools. Loose braces, on the other hand, are not able to build up tensile force. It irritates the jawbone, the muscles and the connective tissue.
If the oral cavity is still developing, removable braces can be sufficient to allow the jaw and teeth to grow in a targeted manner. This type of braces is only suitable for teenagers and children .
In addition to the classic metal braces, adults can also wear transparent braces or braces that are attached to the inside of the teeth for optical reasons. The health insurance company pays the costs for braces . Extras have to be paid for out of pocket.

Are electric toothbrushes better for braces

Braces wearers often ask whether and which electric sonic toothbrush is suitable for dental hygiene. This question should be answered in this article.

With an electric toothbrush, braces wearers make a good choice. Brushing your teeth with an electric sonic toothbrush is even faster and more convenient.
It is easy to brush around the braces with an  interdental brush. The tooth surfaces can also be cleaned thoroughly and quickly with short brush heads.

Sonic toothbrush for people with fixed braces

Brushing your teeth requires a lot of practice and skill for those with fixed braces to remove all food particles from between the wires and from the brackets.
Not all areas of the mouth can be reached and cleaned with a normal manual toothbrush. Special dental brushes for braces wearers are available on the market, which make it easier to brush your teeth. With an electric sonic toothbrush, however, teeth and gums can be cleaned more easily, thoroughly and quickly .

Orthodontists recommend sonic toothbrushes for those who wear braces

The sonic technology of this toothbrush generates extremely high electrical speeds at the tips of the bristles. This results in a high flow of liquid. The liquid penetrates deep into the narrow spaces and in this way helps to clean the electric toothbrush in places that are difficult to access in the mouth.

Round head brushes are perfect for fixed braces

Anyone who wears adult braces and owns an electric round head toothbrush does not necessarily have to buy a sonic toothbrush. There are bristle heads that are very suitable for dental care with fixed braces. It is important to select the suitable brush head.

So-called ortho brush heads are available for electric toothbrushes that are equipped with a special brush ring. This means that deposits from fixed braces can be removed carefully and gently.
Interspace brush heads were specially designed to effectively clean the spaces between the teeth. In spite of fixed braces, all hard-to-reach areas can be thoroughly cleaned with such a special brush attachment.

Tips on choosing the right sonic toothbrush

If you are wondering which model is the best electric toothbrush for wearers of fixed braces, you should opt for a so-called bracket sonic toothbrush . Regular brushing with a sonic toothbrush offers protection against tooth decay and improves oral hygiene significantly.

Since fixed braces are only placed in the mouth with the permanent teeth, it is particularly important to maintain dental health despite such braces.

Criteria for a suitable bracket sonic toothbrush

  • soft brush
  • curved head
  • pointed bristles
A good Brackets sonic toothbrush must be soft. This is the only way to ensure that adult braces are not damaged when brushing their teeth.
A curved head and tapered bristles make it possible to reach even hard-to-reach places in the mouth and to clean them thoroughly.

What alternatives to bracket electric toothbrushes are offered?

Interdental brushes are a recommended alternative to brackets with sonic toothbrushes. Even with such an electric toothbrush, the hard-to-reach areas around the braces can be easily and easily reached. In terms of cleaning performance, bracket toothbrushes do significantly better .

Specific characteristics of an interdental toothbrush

When brushing your teeth with an interdental toothbrush, various special features must be taken into account. Originally, this special toothbrush was developed for people who suffer from advanced paradentitis with the necks of their teeth already widely exposed. Today interdental toothbrushes are available in different strengths.
When cleaning, it must be ensured that different sizes are used for the various spaces. The brush should always be guided into the spaces to be cleaned in a non-violent manner, but still with a little pressure.
The cleaning remains ineffective if no counter pressure is noticeable . The teeth should also be brushed in front of a mirror. This makes it easier to control which areas in the mouth have already been cleaned. The cleaning itself is carried out by simply moving the brush forwards and backwards.

Oral irrigator as an alternative to sonic toothbrushes?

Oral irrigator can gently and specifically clean hard-to-reach places in the mouth area. With the powerful, precise jet, the effect of a high-pressure cleaner can be felt.
An oral irrigator removes coarse food residues, especially if they have already been loosened by previous cleaning. A sonic or electric toothbrush cannot be replaced by an oral irrigator. An oral irrigator is only a useful addition, as the water jet does not clean as thoroughly. Nowadays, however, combination devices are also offered.

Is an electric toothbrush suitable for children?

When brushing your teeth, it is not the brush that is decisive, but the brushing technique. Since especially small children usually do not have complete command of this, it only makes sense to buy an electric toothbrush for children if they have mastered cleaning with a conventional manual toothbrush.
In most cases, a child from elementary school age is given braces because the milk teeth fell out at this point and made space for the second row of teeth. From this moment on, you should pay attention to useful additional programs for an electric toothbrush for children:
  • Vibrations
  • Timer
  • gentle cleaning steps
Vibrations are useful because they remind the child to change the cleaning area in good time. A timer ensures that the recommended cleaning time is adhered to. Special features for children, such as exchangeable stickers, colorful designs and different musical tones, encourage people to enjoy oral hygiene.
In the meantime, special smartphone apps are even offered. These can be used together with the sonic toothbrush. This feature is not only an interesting gimmick for the offspring, but the app allows parents to control whether their offspring brushes their teeth every day.

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