Electric Toothbrush Cost to Manufacture and Profit Analysis

Date:2022-08-19 17:17

Electric toothbrush have always attracted a large number of consumers by efficient cleaning, reducing damage and convenient operation, which is called "lazy patent 」. So far, electric toothbrush have existed for more than 60 years and have derived more new products, including acoustic toothbrush, ultrasonic toothbrush and electric spray toothbrush. Although the sales volume and output of electric toothbrush are gradually increasing, the corresponding price remains high. Little electric toothbrush Why is it so expensive?


Manufacturing cost

The retail price of manual toothbrushes in America is generally about a few dollars, while the retail price of electric toothbrush is as high as dozens or even hundreds of dollars. For example, the entry price of the famous brand Philips electric toothbrush is 60 USD, and the most expensive electric toothbrush is priced at 400 USD.

The technical principle of electric toothbrush is to use high-speed vibration movement to drive the brush head to rotate or vibrate, thus achieving the effect of tooth cleaning. Standard accessories of ordinary electric toothbrush include toothbrushes, brush heads, charging wires and packing boxes. The cost of the standard version of the electric toothbrush set is about 8-10 USD, and the highest cost can rise to about 20-30 USD according to different materials and processes. However, the mainstream price of electric toothbrush on the market generally fluctuates between 100 and 200.

Cost profit of parts

electric toothbrush have many core components

  • Sonic electric drive motor
  • The shaft for the drive
  • The battery
  • Circuit board

Sonic electric drive motor

There are two kinds of motors, brush motors and brushless motors, which are currently the highest usage rate. Most of the brushless motors on the market today have stronger performance than brushed motors, and better quality and technology.
Brushless motor and brush motor also have similarities, there are rotor and stator, but brush motor and brushless motor structure is the opposite, brush motor rotor is a coil, directly connected to the power shaft body, the stator is a permanent magnet, while brushless motor rotor is a permanent magnet and power shaft link, the stator is a coil, in addition to the brush motor commutation brush


Now the electric toothbrush battery life is almost twice a day, once two minutes of calculation standards, but also take into account the human use factor, the environment, bump. If it is normal use, electric toothbrush can generally use 5 to 10 years
There are also some electric toothbrush using high-capacity lithium batteries are much more expensive than electric toothbrush with small capacity batteries. The size and quality of the battery capacity affects the quality of the electric toothbrush, the better the battery electric toothbrush performance and use time will be higher.

The axis of the drive Circuit main board

The electric toothbrush on the market using the drive shaft and circuit board are too big to distinguish between the advantages and disadvantages, this part will be skipped, as long as you know that the electric toothbrush has these two parts on the line

According to relevant sources, the cost of electric toothbrush is generally about 20-50 USD. If the brand premium is not considered, the electric toothbrush with a cost of about 10 USD can be sold for more than 16 USD, and the electric toothbrush with a cost of about 16 USD can be sold for more than 33 USD. If there is a big brand influence, then the electric toothbrush with a cost of more than 16 USD can also be sold for more than 50 USD or even more than 100 USD.


Some electric toothbrush brands continuously introduce new functions, such as sterilization, Cup charging, Bluetooth, etc. However, these functions are not technically difficult, and are also dispensable for consumers and have no practical use. Every time some additional functions are added, the price of electric toothbrush will increase accordingly. For an electric toothbrush of more than 170 USD and an electric toothbrush of about 50 USD, the production cost is only about 7-10 USD.


Pricing factors

The selling price of electric toothbrush is affected by many factors, including cost, additional functions, brand premium and market competition. Each product has a basic cost, which is the basis of product pricing, and the cost of electric toothbrush includes raw materials, manufacturing, packaging, transportation, publicity and other aspects. In addition, some big brands of electric toothbrush contain many additional functions, and the corresponding pricing will also be improved. Electric toothbrush manufacturers don't make much profit, retailers or brand owners make the most of it


As mentioned above, the electric toothbrush price gap so large factors affecting the main motor and battery, plus labor costs, transportation costs and so on. Quality reliable electric toothbrush minimum cost of 100 to 200 yuan, if it is more high-end electric toothbrush may cost more.
Recommend consumers to buy 50 to 200 USD price range of electric toothbrush, durable products and cost-effective, if the price exceeds this range may be less cost-effective.
The above is about the price of electric toothbrush factors and internal structure, the purchase of electric toothbrush can be referred to.

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