The History of Water Flosser

Date:2022-11-23 16:26

The Birth of Water Flosser

A water flosser, also called oral irrigator, is a household oral cleaning device. In 1962, Gerald Moyer, an American dentist, and John Mattingly, an engineer, invented the first water flosser in Fort Collins, Colorado, leading to the founding of Jabico.
Founded in 1962, Waterpik launched the world's first desktop water flosser in 1967, and it was also the first portable water flosser. With more than 60 patents, it is currently the only water flosser brand certified by the American Dental Association.

The Function of Water Flosser

The pulsating water sprayed by the flosser can effectively clean the plaque and food residues between teeth and gums. A University of Southern California study showed that 1,200 pulses per minute at 70 psi for three seconds removed 99.9 percent of plaque from the targeted area. A clinical trial by Tokyo Dental University also showed that using a toothbrush and a water flosser together can better inhibit dental plaque than using a toothbrush alone.
Dental plaque is a biological film that gradually deposits on the surface of teeth. The color of thin dental plaque is usually transparent and colorless, but when it thickens, it will appear yellow or brownish yellow. Plaque is made up of food debris, exfoliated mouth cells, saliva, and bacteria. When plaque accumulates on the teeth to a certain thickness, it will corrode the teeth and form dental caries, which is what we often call tooth decay. If it accumulates on the gums, it will cause dental diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis, resulting in symptoms such as bleeding gums, toothache, loose teeth, and odor in the mouth.

The Working Principle of Water Flosser

The working principle of most water flossers is to pressurize the water through the pump body, thereby generating high-pressure pulsed water column, and relying on the water impactor to clean the gap between the teeth and other hidden corners around the teeth.

Introduction of Waterpik Products

Waterpik's products are roughly divided into two types. The first type is the desktop series, which is slightly bulky and full-featured, and is suitable for family life.
The second category is the handheld series, which is small in size and easy to carry. Among them, there are five styles of handheld products, which are as follows:

1. Entry Portable Model WF-03EC

The most basic model has two levels of water pressure adjustment, which are suitable for first-time experience and sensitive people, and people who need deep cleaning; it is powered by dry batteries and does not need to be charged; the water tank has a capacity of 150ml.

2. Classic Portable WP-450/460EC

Upgraded to direct plug-in charging, it only takes 8 hours to fully charge, and it can last for 2 weeks; the water tank capacity has been increased to 200ml; it also provides two skin options: blue white and dazzling black.

3. An upgraded version of the classic portable model - Little White Dolphin GS8 Series

Compared with the previous version, the product introduction parameters of Little White Dolphin seem to be the same, and there should be some adjustments in the overall aspect.

4. Smart portable small rocket GS10 series

This series has a major function upgrade, the water pressure gear has been increased to 3, and there are more options; the charging method has been changed to magnetic fast charging, which can be fully charged in only 4 hours, and the battery life can reach 30 days; the waterproof performance has been improved. Raise, shower is also available.

5. Smart Portable Small Waist GS9 Series

The noise reduction design has been added to make the sound smaller; the colors are also richer, including pearl white, jazz black, charm purple, and deep sea blue.

Panasonic Water Flosser

Panasonic's brand appeal is needless to say, ranking 26th among the world's top 500 manufacturing companies, and has been deeply involved in the field of personal oral care for more than 40 years.
In the case of Waterpik being the dominant player in the water flosser market, Panasonic avoided confronting Waterpik with the "pulse" technology and launched the exclusive "Oxygen Injection Technology", although it is slightly inferior to Waterpik in terms of cleaning power pulsating water stream, but gentler, suitable for gum massage and sensitive mouth.
The sales volume of Panasonic water flossers has also firmly occupied the second place in the category of water flossers on major e-commerce platforms.

Features of Panasonic water flosser

The first point of the Panasonic water flosser is: ultrasonic water flow

The water outlet technology of the Panasonic water flosser adopts ultrasonic water flow technology, which generates fine bubble water flow with extremely high oxygen content through ultrasonic waves, which can massage the gums while washing away food residues.
Judging from the actual use effect, the overall feeling of the water is very soft, a bit like the water flowing from a faucet with a foaming function. It does not feel very irritating, so it is suitable for people with sensitive teeth.
Most of the time when we eat and stuff our teeth, it is because the gums shrink, which causes the gaps between the teeth to widen. Massaging the gums with a water flosser can keep the gums healthy. Massaging the gums with ultrasonic water feels great.

The second feature of the Panasonic water flosser is: extremely powerful portability

The two models of Panasonic MDJ1A and EW-ADJ4 are retractable. Moreover, the water tank can be disassembled for cleaning, which is very good in terms of portability and hygiene.
The Panasonic EWM1411 is portable, but the base can be fixed at home. It also has two nozzle fixing positions. It can be easily carried in the bathroom for business trips (you don’t need to bring a charger for a week’s business trip). The main reason is the price. More conscientious.

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