where to buy electric toothbrush? more affordable and convenient

Date:2021-11-22 14:49

Where to buy electric toothbrushes?

A few months ago my father went to the dentist because he had a tooth infection and the dentist recommended that he use an electric toothbrush instead of the lifelong manual. When he left the clinic neither "short nor lazy" and without counting on anyone, he entered the first pharmacy he found and bought the one that is "supposed" to be the best.
Days later he showed it to me and I realized that it was by no means the best , the price I had paid was not related to the few features or the low number of oscillations per minute of the head.
To prevent other people from making this mistake , I have analyzed the different places where you can buy a toothbrush at a good price,  I have been able to verify that.

Functions and features of electric toothbrushes

Not all models of electric toothbrushes offer you the same functions, here are some of the ones you can find:
  • Brushing timer. This feature helps you brush your teeth for the recommended time, which is two minutes. When the time is up, the device will beep to alert you. 
  • Pressure sensors. Some models incorporate these sensors to prevent you from pressing the head too much against the gums. The system will alert you if you are tightening too much. 
  • Battery duration. The battery in most models usually lasts at least 15 days before it needs to be charged.  
  • Screen. In the most modern models you can find an LCD screen that shows you various information, such as brushing modes, the timer or the battery status.
  • Cleaning modes . Many sonic brushes provide you with different cleaning modes and intensity levels. 
  • Connectivity. Some models are equipped with Bluetooth connectivity to connect with an application on your mobile phone and offer you real-time information about your brushing habits, in order to help you improve your oral hygiene.

Establishments where to buy them:

  • Pharmacies: The drawback that I see buying it in pharmacies is that they have little variety of models , and they will try to sell you the model they have in stock at that time, as happened to my father, and the same model that they sell you in pharmacies or parapharmacies you can find it in online stores but at a cheaper price.
  • Large shopping areas: In the hygiene and health sections of supermarkets such as Mercadona, Gadis or in shopping centers such as Carrefour, Media Mark and El Corte Ingles you will find different models of brushes, but the drawback that I see is that you cannot check with carefully, the characteristics of each model, and many times we buy by "instinct" (forget that someone advises you correctly, the salespeople advise you on articles for oral hygiene as well as on tires for the car). There is one that is worth it is the English Cut but it has the great disadvantage that the same model of brush you will find much cheaper on the internet .
  • Online stores: The most famous and safest store that exists right now is Amazon (I buy almost everything there). AMAZON is the safest and cheapest store that exists because, being online, it does not have to bear the cost of infrastructure or rental of premises. You can even wholesale electric toothbrushes on it.

What are the advantages of buying the toothbrush on Amazon?

  • It is the # 1 online store in sales.
  • It is the store with the largest variety of electric toothbrushes in the entire market.
  • It is the only online store that has for sale all the models of electric toothbrushes that exist in the market.
  • You do the shopping from the sofa at home and it arrives at your home the next day (even for free).
  • You can compare without haste and without anyone harassing you the models of all brands: Oral-B, Philips, Vitis.
  • You can read the opinions and ratings of buyers who have already purchased that brush model.
  • They send the purchase through SEUR, which is a guarantee.

Where to buy an electric toothbrush: Conclusions

If you buy the same electric brush model in one place or another, you may find that there is a lot of difference in price and it is silly to spend more money for the same item .
Giving a toothbrush has become the star gift of Christmas and the Three Wise Men because it is useful, original and cheap, and on those dates sales on Amazon skyrocket.
If you are still not sure which model to choose, check the ranking table for the best electric toothbrush on the market, based on the opinions of former buyers.

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