how to brush your teeth with an electric toothbrush? 6 important steps

Date:2021-11-22 14:36

Using an electric toothbrush is a simple way to maintain optimal oral hygiene. Brushing your teeth with electric toothbrushes allows you to effectively remove plaque. In addition, it helps you prevent the excessive multiplication of bacterial flora. How to do it correctly? We show you!

how to brush your teeth with an electric toothbrush?

An electric toothbrush is a device that greatly facilitates the daily hygiene of the oral cavity. Due to its design, the brush head moves at a frequency that exceeds manual brushing. In the end, the capacity with which a human hand moves the manual brush is much less.
This is achieved thanks to the rotation mechanism in rotating brushes (the head rotates once to the right and once to the left); or thanks to the vibration mechanism in sonic brushes (where there is a horizontal movement). 
In rotating brushes, the filaments of the electric brush rotate up to tens of thousands of times per minute. Thus improving the effectiveness of brushing your teeth. Obviously, the final result will depend on whether we know how to clean our teeth correctly with an electric toothbrush.

Sonic toothbrush

A sonic toothbrush is a type of electric toothbrush that operates on a slightly different mechanism. The head of the device vibrates reaching 12,000 movements per minute, effectively eliminating microorganisms and plaque. The sonic type electric toothbrush ensures a deep cleaning of the tooth surface and below the gum line.

Advantages of brushing your teeth with an electric toothbrush

The biggest advantage of brushing your teeth with an electric toothbrush is its precision. The frequency at which the head rotates translates into a much faster movement than with a manual brush. 
The size of the head also helps to achieve a high level of cleanliness. Its small size makes it comfortable to maneuver inside the mouth. Thanks to this, a greater removal of the plaque formed on the teeth and gums is facilitated.
An electric toothbrush is usually equipped with a pressure sensor. This sensor is activated whenever the head is pressed too hard against the tooth surface. This reduces the risk of damaging or irritating the gums.
However, it is necessary to know how to brush your teeth with an electric toothbrush correctly to achieve the maximum result.

Is electric toothbrush better than manual ones?

No. It is not that one is better than the other because both are good. However, it is true that brushing is more effective with an electric toothbrush . In addition, its handling is simple: you just have to guide it along the surfaces of your teeth, so it is common that people used to brushing their teeth with an electric toothbrush do not want to go back to a manual one.
But still, it depends on each person. For example, for people with physical or intellectual disabilities, electric toothbrushes can be of great help in maintaining their oral hygiene, as it happens in people with gum problems. In contrast, people with orthodontics, recently operated or with interventions in their mouth should not use electric toothbrushes, since they must use softer bristles.
In short, any brush, manual or electric, is effective as long as you use it properly and follow some brushing tips like the ones listed below.

How to brush your teeth properly with an electric toothbrush? 

It is not difficult to brush your teeth with an electric toothbrush. Simply follow a few simple rules to clean and maintain healthy teeth and periodontal tissues. How to do it step by step?

1. Wet the head with water and apply the appropriate toothpaste.

The first step is to wet your strands and apply the right amount of toothpaste. As with a manual brush, wetting the filaments helps to lather up the paste. It also helps smooth plaque on the tooth's surface. This greatly facilitates their mechanical removal at a later stage .

2. Brush your teeth with an electric toothbrush properly.

It should be remembered that the brushing technique used determines the obtaining of satisfactory hygiene results. In other words, it is essential to take into account the correct position of the brush head on the tooth surface. So how do we have to properly brush our teeth with an electric toothbrush?  The device should be started after the brush head with the paste is placed on the teeth at an angle of 45 °. Then, we must move the brush over each tooth one by one. The position of the brush head should be changed, especially on teeth with prominent crowns or deep grooves. 

3. Clean the tongue with an electric toothbrush.

Proper brushing of teeth with an electric toothbrush  should not be limited to mechanically removing plaque. Getting a completely clean mouth can only be achieved if you also clean your tongue. On its irregular surface food debris and microorganisms accumulate, favoring the formation of bad breath.

4. Rinse your mouth with water.

Toothpaste lather that forms during brushing requires rinsing your mouth with water completely. A small amount of water is enough to rinse off the remains of the toothpaste, as well as the remains of bacteria and fluoride.

5. Wash the electric toothbrush head. 

For a hygienic use of the electric toothbrush, remember to wash the head well under running water after brushing. This will limit the multiplication of bacteria in your filaments. Toothpaste residue should also be removed from the handle of the device. Before putting the brush head back on the handle, it is recommended to wipe it dry.

6. Clean the interdental spaces and rinse the mouth with a mouthwash.

Before brushing, it is recommended to clean the interdental spaces. These are places where the brush filaments are difficult to access, especially when the gaps are very tight. Thanks to the use of a toothpick or interdental brush of a size adapted to individual needs, we can completely remove food debris and sediment. Thus making it easier for the brush to cover more space and for the paste to penetrate better in these areas.
The culmination of the process on how to brush your teeth with an electric toothbrush correctly is the use of a mouthwash . It is the perfect complement for a complete cleaning of the teeth. Due to its liquid form, it reaches all areas of the mouth. It helps to eliminate the tiniest remains of food and microorganisms and guarantees a pleasant sensation of freshness in the mouth.

The recommended time to brush your teeth with an electric toothbrush.

Many people wonder  how  long they should  brush their teeth with an electric toothbrush. 
Contrary to what it may seem, the use of an electric toothbrush does not shorten the required period of brushing. Ideally, brushing your teeth with an electrical device should take no less than 2 minutes. It is recommended to dedicate about 30 seconds to each of the four areas of the mouth (right and left, upper and lower). 
Most electric toothbrush manufacturers have added a timer function to their toothbrushes. This is the case with the Private Label Electric Toothbrush RLT209 , an innovative soft electric toothbrush that combines efficiency and ease of use. 

How often should I brush my teeth with an electric toothbrush?

The decision to choose an electric toothbrush does not reduce the frequency of dental cleaning. It is best to use it after every meal. If there is no such possibility, the ideal would be to use it at least twice a day. That is, after waking up in the morning and at night before going to bed.

The content presented above is intended to promote general oral health awareness and is not a substitute for professional opinion or medical diagnosis. Always consult a doctor or pharmacist in case of health problems.

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