why would a dentist recommend an electric toothbrush with ultrasound technology?

Date:2021-08-04 09:22

This is because electric toothbrushes are ideal for improving the patient's brushing technique, although other causes may also motivate their recommendation:

A) Ultrasound at the 1.6 MHz frequency (approved by the FDA since 1991) allows the elimination and control of bacterial plaque, thereby controlling acidity (cavities) and gingivitis (product of the absence of tartar).

B) Because it helps to increase brushing time, facilitating compliance with the recommended time (3 minutes), the electric toothbrush usually has a timer that turns off only in 3 minutes and marks six (6) cycles of 30 seconds each. This allows adequate brushing time and organize brushing in 6 parts, three in each jaw, so I do not forget any tooth.

C) Helps to increase the frequency of daily brushing (at least 2 times a day and / or after each meal).

They are also HIGHLY recommended for 1) people demanding with their daily oral hygiene and 2) for people with specific needs such as: i) gum problems, ii) implant wearers, iii) orthodontic wearers, iv) people with poor technique brushing and v) for people with limited manual or motor skills (osteoarthritis, arthritis, etc.).

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