The history of the toothbrush from the egyptians more than 5,000 years ago to the ultrasonic toothbrush

Date:2021-08-03 11:34

Imagining life without this useful personal hygiene tool, invented by man more than 5000 years ago, is difficult, however, before it existed as we know it today, human beings had already designed very rudimentary but effective models. after all. Let's take a chronological journey through the history of the toothbrush, in order to understand its evolution from the Egyptians and Chinese to the present day:

  • 3000 BC The Egyptians used small branches with worn tips to clean their teeth.
  • Year 1400: The Chinese invent the bristle toothbrush, made from the fur of a Siberian boar attached to a bamboo or bone handle.
  • Year 1600: European merchants who traveled to China bring back the toothbrush and replace the bristles of the wild boar with horsehair. In those days very few people in the western world brushed their teeth, and those who did preferred those made from horsehair, which was softer than wild boar.

In Europe, to achieve oral hygiene, people were more used to using toothpicks (toothpicks) after meals. These were made of goose feathers or metal (copper or silver).

  • Year 1885: Manual brushes begin to be produced on a large scale.

Until the beginning of the 20th century, the hair of other animals other than the horse and wild boar was also used for dental hygiene. However, it was the hair of the Siberian boar the most used, so much so that it was imported for many years, until in 1937 nylon was invented by Wallace H. Carothers, at DuPont Laboratories in the United States.

In 1938, this new material became the symbol of modernism and prosperity through the commercialization of Dr. West's nylon stockings and miraculous brushes, with nylon bristles of course. Eventually, wild boars stopped being hunted, at least for this purpose.

  • Year 1950: Dupont improved its brushes by providing them with new softer nylon bristles.
  • Year 1954: In Switzerland, Dr. Philippe-Guy Woog invents the first electric toothbrush and in 1960 the first electric toothbrush was introduced in the United States.
  • Year 1987: The first rotary action electric toothbrush for domestic use is presented.
  • Year 2000: Low-priced electric toothbrushes grow the electric toothbrush market.
  • Year 2010: MEGASONEX® is the ultrasonic toothbrush, whose frequency of 1.6 MKz approved by the FDA breaks the chains of bacteria that make up plaque, preventing acid, cavities, tartar, gingivitis and leaving the mouth cleaner . Their bristles are DuPont Tynex 612 the industry gold standard.

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