What is better toothbrush or electric?

Date:2021-07-06 12:19

The dental hygiene process will always have its pros and cons, its correct theories and others not so much, but the truth is that this habit must be frequent and therefore, part of the daily routine, as normal and necessary as eating, because of done, do it after eating, so don't forget it.
But among the things that stand out in oral hygiene, is tooth brushing, which has to always be careful and with great detail, with the right time and the ideal rhythm so as not to damage your enamel, gums or anything else that forms. part of your mouth.

For this activity, there are many options, traditional brushes, flexible, ergonomic handles, with relief to avoid slipping, bristles of different materials, pieces of rubber with special shapes to reach certain places in a certain way, even electric toothbrushes to speed up the daily process.

Just mentioning the electric toothbrush, take into consideration various things when choosing it and for that reason, we leave you a list of advantages for conventional brushes and another for electric ones, so that you know exactly which is the best option you have.

Advantages for conventional brushes

1- They are cheaper and it is recommended to change it every three months for another, equally inexpensive.
2- You can wash it freely after each brushing, even with hot water.
3- Filaments adapted to different types of mouth and different needs, so you can choose the one you need when you need it with greater freedom.
4- The back of the conventional brush tends to bring a special pad to clean your tongue, so you can have several functions at hand at the same time.
5- Its grip is comfortable and without fear of getting wet, which is not the case with electric toothbrushes.
6- You can modify the way you brush depending on the enamel you have, as well as adjust the force you use when rubbing it against the tooth.
7- On the sides it has pieces of rubber that work as stimulants to the gums, giving massages at the same time that they offer cleaning in said area.
8- Heads that are inclined to facilitate reaching certain places in the mouth.

Advantages for electric toothbrushes

The first thing is that there are rechargeable electric toothbrushes and others with battery, so depending on the model, some apply and others do not.

1- You never change the toothbrush, just by buying a couple of new batteries you will already have cutting-edge technology in your hands to brush and clean your teeth well.
2- Its movement in the form of circles or oscillating, offers greater cleaning according to the experts, while facilitating the care of the enamel.
3- You can change the heads to adapt them to your mouth in a simpler and sometimes necessary way.
4- They have timers so that you do not exceed the time and above all, do not brush for less minutes than recommended.
5- Pressure sensor so that you do not apply too much force when brushing, even when you feel that you do it soft, you may be damaging the enamel of your teeth.
6- In addition to the already known filaments and advantages, its vibrations allow a new adapted movement of the head, so you will even have an extra service.
Regardless of which one you choose, take into account that in effect, you must carry out this process to prevent your teeth from collapsing or beginning to progressively damage, so finally, instead of brushing normally, it is recommended to go to your dentist in Lima for a more expensive treatment.
Finally, both cases allow the use of toothpaste in the same way, so you will not have to buy special products to carry out this process.


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