Find ideas to customize your product for free on Alibaba

Date:2021-07-21 11:37

If you want to start an import business from China in 2021, the theoretical part may sometimes become complicated and somewhat boring. But it is a necessary part. As I have always recommended, before launching into the import world we must create a plan and analyze each process to follow. One of them is to create our own brand to differentiate ourselves from the millions of competitors in the market. So today I decided to teach you this trick to find ideas to customize your product for free on Alibaba .

Why create your own brand?

I am a huge advocate for product customization . If you are planning to create your import company from China or have already manufactured in the Asian giant, you will know that having your own brand is essential for the success of your company.

Whether you are going to sell your products online or if you have a physical store, you will have to compete with many companies that offer the same type of product that you are going to launch. If you are going to manufacture your product in China, such as custom electric toothbrush and water flosser, you will also know that your supplier creates a prototype of a standard product that they will sell to all their customers. So how will you be able to differentiate yourself from the rest of the competition? You only have two ways:

  • Precio del producto. Vender un producto a un precio más bajo de la competencia normalmente se traduce a que tu margen de ganancias tienen que recortarse. Al vender tu producto más barato ganarás menos por artículo. Tendrías que aumentar el volumen de ventas para que el producto siga siendo rentable.
  • Dar un valor añadido al producto. Los clientes suelen comparar las diferentes opciones que tienen antes de comprar un producto. Añadirle un valor extra a un producto hace que los posibles clientes elijan el nuestro entre los diferentes competidores. Y la mejor forma de dar un valor añadido es tener tu propia marca y personalizar el producto.

El poder de personalizar tu producto

Pongamos un ejemplo. Te has planteado vender accesorios deportivos para gimnasio. Ese es el nicho de negocio que conoces a la perfección y tienes un par de ideas de productos que crees que pueden reportarte buenas ganancias.

Uno de esos productos son unos guantes para gimnasio y para ejercicios de calistenia con refuerzo para evitar en lesiones en las muñecas. Has visto los posibles competidores en Amazon y en eBay y te has desanimado un poco al ver que ya hay cientos de marcas que ya ofrecen el producto que quieres vender.

Pero también te has dado cuenta que la mayoría de los guantes de tus competidores son muy básicos y sólo ofrecen un par de colores. ¡Y de repente se te ocurren varias ideas para diferenciar tu producto de los que ya están en venta!

Cuando has recobrado los ánimos vas a Alibaba a buscar proveedores y encuentras cientos que fabrican guantes de gimnasio a buen precio y que parecen de buena calidad. Le escribes a unos cuantos proveedores y les preguntas qué tipos de personalización podrían hacer en tu productos.

Un par de proveedores se han interesado en tu oferta y te escriben las opciones que tienes para personalizar tu producto. Te dicen que puedes cambiar colores, añadir logos e imágenes o cambiar tipo de cierres (botones o velcro).

Al apuntarte formarás parte de mi comunidad de suscriptores y recibirás contenidos gratuitos y de pago.

Objetivo: atraer la atención de los clientes

This has just been a simple example that I came up with on the fly to show you how important it is to personalize your product when you want to sell on Amazon or another online platform.

Think of Amazon or eBay customers. Think about your behavior when you go to buy anything online. When you see the different options, we often organize the product list according to price (from cheapest to most expensive).

Normally, the first products that appear on the list are usually the cheapest and those that seem to come directly from a factory in China . When the price increases, we see a series of products that attract our attention and that seem to be of better quality.

All of these products were probably made by the same company in China. The difference is that some sellers chose to add a personalization to their product that will enhance their image and offer a higher quality (even if it does not have it) to customers. Do you now understand the importance of personalizing your product ?

Find ideas to customize your product for free on Alibaba

You have already understood that creating your own brand and personalizing your product is essential to differentiate yourself from the competition. You have the idea for your product and have found good suppliers on Alibaba .

However, when it comes to devising a customization of your product , you find yourself short of ideas and your brainstorm is left in a small drizzle. How to find more ideas to personalize your product? Would you pay is a designer or some creative agency? What if I told you that you can get ideas to customize your product totally free?

The easiest way is to ask who else knows about the product: the supplier that makes it. If you are short of ideas but have found suppliers on Alibaba that make your product, it is best to ask them directly. How can you do this? I'm going to teach you a simple (and somewhat picaresque) trick to get the information you need and get customization ideas for your product . Totally free!

Example of the perfect message to a supplier on Alibaba

I'm going to give you an example of the message I usually send when I need inspiration from Alibaba suppliers . With this type of message you can get an idea and create your own. Let's continue with the example of gym gloves.

  • Budget. Quiet. It does not mean that we have that money or that we are going to spend it with this provider. It is simply a strategy to get the attention of the purchasing agent or the commercial of the company.
  • Investigation. With this phrase we give you to understand that we have experience in searching Alibaba and we have contrasted different options.
  • Ask closed questions (what, how). We should not ask open questions whose answer is yes or no. That will not give us any information. The key is to ask questions that give us ideas. And if we are already willing to put more money on it, we can ask you to show us sketches or designs that you have made for other clients.
  • Company name. To seal the message that will give us the information and inspiration to personalize our product, we must sign with a name that gives the feeling of credibility. The name should match the type of product you want to customize.

How about this tip to find ideas to customize your product for free on Alibaba ? It is simply to use the experience of the suppliers that we find on Alibaba to inspire us and look for customization and a brand that makes you differentiate yourself from the competition. And if some think that it is playing with the time of the providers, it seems to me the opposite. Maybe you can end up working with one of them!

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