CES 2020: Colgate and OLAB launch intelligent electric toothbrushes with built-in artificial intelligence

Date:2021-06-30 11:04

Colgate intelligent electric toothbrush Plaqless Pro can record the characteristics of users' dental bed through built-in sensing elements during the brushing process, and establish users' personal exclusive dental bed "drawing information 」, then it can cooperate with the app to confirm whether to clean the teeth immediately; Besides flaunting that the brush head and built-in sensing components can be redesigned by ou le B iO Intelligent electric toothbrush, users can brush their teeth more comfortably and correctly, through deep learning of a large amount of data during brushing, the artificial intelligence guides the brushing function, which can help users to further clean their teeth.


In this CES 2020, based on the experience of creating intelligent electric toothbrushes in the past 6 years and the combination of artificial intelligence application app, Oral-B enables the new intelligent electric toothbrushes iO to guide users to clean their teeth deeply. While the new electric toothbrush Plaqless Pro launched by Colgate will also use the sensing elements on the toothbrush to build the user's dental bed "drawing Fund 」, let the user know immediately whether the teeth have been brushed clean during the brushing process.


Oral-B iO

Although unlike ou le B who has many years of experience in the development of intelligent electric toothbrush products, the first intelligent electric toothbrush Plaqless Pro launched by Colgate can also be used in conjunction with app linkage, in addition, in the process of brushing teeth, the characteristics of the user's dental bed are recorded through built-in sensing elements, and the user's personal dental bed "map information" is established, and then the application can be used to confirm whether the teeth are brushed clean immediately.

However, once the user overexerts his strength or does not brush his teeth in the correct way, the toothbrush itself will send out a prompt through the light, so that the user can correct it immediately. Under long-term use, users can also confirm the personal brushing condition through the app, and then judge the health degree of teeth.

However, Colgate has not disclosed the specific launch time of Plaqless Pro, but it is expected to be in the year of this year.It will be released later, and the price may be within the range of $200.


Colgate Plaqless Pro

As for the intelligent electric toothbrush launched by ou le B this time, it flaunts that users can brush their teeth more comfortably and correctly by redesigning the brush head and built-in sensing components, at the same time, cooperating with the app can also confirm the personal brushing record, or confirm whether the gums have been thoroughly cleaned, or even use the artificial intelligence built in the app to conduct deep learning through a large amount of data to guide the brushing function, it can also help users to further clean their personal teeth.

The intelligent electric toothbrush of OLAB is expected to be launched in August this year, but the specific price has not yet been announced.

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