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electric toothbrush: variety and difference

Date:2021-11-09 11:23
Electric toothbrush have become commonplace, and many today use them exclusively. At the moment, there is a huge selection of electric toothbrush, which differ in the principle of operation. How to choose the right one for yourself?
electric toothbrush: variety and difference
All electric toothbrush can be divided into three main categories. The first is Rotating. They perform vibrational up and down movements or reciprocating movements, thereby removing plaque. The second category is sonic brushes. They create a dynamic flow of liquid (a mixture of water, saliva and toothpaste) thanks to the oscillating movements of the bristles with a certain amplitude and frequency up to 20,000 Hz. Research has shown that a sonic toothbrush can remove more than 70% of plaque even when the bristle ends are 2–3 mm from the surface. And the third category is ultrasonic. Their action is based on the generation of an ultrasonic wave from 20,000 Hz, they vibrate at a very high frequency, but with a small amplitude of movement of the bristles. Now in more detail about the features of use.
electric toothbrush: variety and difference

Rotating electric toothbrush

The brushing technique with vibrating toothbrushes is similar to manual brushing, while brushing with a back-and-forth motion of the bristles involves moving slowly from tooth to tooth. Care should be taken when using such brushes, as there is a risk of damage to the enamel and gums if too much pressure is applied, especially if the brush is not equipped with a pressure sensor.

electric toothbrush: variety and difference

Sonic electric toothbrush

It is believed that a high Sonic velocity creates a homogeneous foam of paste, saliva and oxygen, this mixture cleans teeth well and gently from all sides, including hard-to-reach places. Thanks to the irrigation effect (washout effect), plaque is cleaned gently, effortlessly, without damaging the enamel of the teeth. The villi making micromovements massage the gums, enhancing the microcirculation of blood in the soft tissues and improving their condition. The brushing technique is the same as for standard brushes with a reciprocating rotation mechanism: moving slowly from one tooth to another while gripping the gum surface.
electric toothbrush: variety and difference

Ultrasonic electric toothbrush

Ultrasonic waves destroy plaque bacteria chains and detach them from the tooth surface. Some of these toothbrushes only generate ultraSonic, while others generate additional Rotating vibration from 9,000 to 40,000 strokes per minute. Rotating vibration of the bristles in these brushes has a much smaller amplitude of movement than in sonic ones, since their effect is based more on ultraSonic, and not on Rotating action. A similar Sonic effect implies a similar cleaning technique.

What to choose?

electric toothbrush: variety and difference
There have been a wide variety of studies on the effectiveness of manual and electric toothbrush. Initially, electric toothbrush were invented for people with disabilities, for those who find it difficult to hold objects or make small movements, as well as for those who have braces. Some dentists recommend choosing between sonic and ultrasonic, to give preference to sonic brushes, bearing in mind that ultraSonic can harm fillings and orthopedic structures, if any. UltraSonic carries a great destructive force in relation to both soft and hard plaque (it is used in professional teeth cleaning when it comes to removing tartar).
Also, a number of studies show that more important for efficiency is not the type of brush (manual or electric), but the observance of the brushing time and technique. Recall that you need to brush your teeth at least twice a day, not less than 2 minutes.

How to clean the tongue

After brushing your teeth, you need to take care of the tongue. This can be done with a manual brush or special tools. Some hand brushes have a rubber bristle surface on the back. It is desirable to cleanse the entire surface of the tongue. Many will have to do this carefully: pressure on the root of the tongue can cause a gag reflex. Moving from root to tip, it is better to increase pressure, but within reasonable limits. After cleaning your tongue, rinse your mouth with water.

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