During the epidemic, the scale of China's water flosser market grew by 11.26%

Date:2022-08-26 15:29

As consumers pay more and more attention to oral health, the categories of electric toothbrush, water flosser, tooth whitening instrument and so on in oral care market show a rapid market growth trend, especially the category market of water flosser.
Function and efficacy of water flosser water flosser is a tool to clean teeth and teeth by pulsed water flow shock. According to the structure, water flosser can be mainly divided into two categories: Electric water flosser and faucet water flosser. The structure of electric water flosser mainly includes an electric water pump, a water storage tank and a nozzle; The structure of water flosser mainly includes a connection device and a nozzle with the faucet.
Apart from making people uncomfortable and having bacteria, the food residues stuck in the teeth are more harmful because they provide nutrients for dental plaque. If it is not cleared in time, dental plaque will easily become calcified and become "dental stones" accumulated in the root of teeth, which will compress and stimulate the periodontal environment and make the Periodontal atrophy. Therefore, using water flosser, toothpick and floss to clean teeth is actually a major source of nutrition to block dental plaque.
According to research by relevant U.S. institutions, the pressure water column of water flosser can rush into gingival groove and wash to a depth of 50-90%. The pressure water column can not only clean all kinds of holes and convex Yamazaki surface, but also achieve the thorough "cleaning" of micro rather than just the rough "cleaning" of macro ". water flosser not only has the function of cleaning teeth and oral cavity, but also has massage effect on gums, which promotes the blood circulation of gums and enhances the disease resistance of local tissues; At the same time, it can eliminate the halitosis caused by poor oral hygiene.
China's water flosser industry is currently in a rapid growth period. There are 49 competitive brands in the water flosser market segment, with the top 10 brands accounting for 91%. There are many competitive brands and the market competition is relatively fierce. In December 2020, the top five brands were Jiebi, Panasonic, Philips and Oral-B respectively, which accounted for nearly 84% of the market share, among which the market share of Jiebi accounted for 35%, far higher than other brands. However, compared with 2019, the market share of Jiebi decreased by about 3 percentage points.
In 2020, the market scale of China's water flosser was only about 12% of that of the electric toothbrush in the same period, and the market scale was about 1.367 billion yuan. In terms of the whole scale, China's water flosser industry market is relatively small. From the perspective of market monitoring, about 43 new water flosser-related enterprises were established in 2020, and 56 in 2019. The number of market entrants gradually increased.
As of February 15, 2021, there were 650 related enterprises in the market. From many perspectives, China's water flosser industry is currently in a period of rapid growth. The scale of China's water flosser market grows very fast from the perspective of the global market of water flosser, China's market share is relatively low, and the most popular countries of water flosser are the United States, Spain, France, Britain and Canada, the United States accounts for 62%, which is the main target market. However, the market scale of China's water flosser grew very fast. Even during the epidemic, the market scale grew by 11.26%.
The model innovation of China's water flosser market is often the bundled package sales with electric toothbrushes. Due to consumers' psychological demand for cost performance, many manufacturers start this kind of bundled sales, especially online sales. In addition, online dental clinics or clinics are a very important promotion channel, similar to the sales model of medical equipment. Of course, at present, mainstream manufacturers still adopt the traditional business model of research and development, manufacturing and sales. In the future, Relish will launch more competitive products to transform scientific research achievements into productive forces, which is exactly what we expect for every customer.

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