How to choose toothbrush, soft hair, medium hair, hard hair?

Date:2021-11-16 17:46

During the daily shopping in the supermarket, does the dazzling toothbrushes at the daily chemical counter make you feel panic? Suffering from not knowing how to buy toothbrushes for family members, thus suffering from "toothbrush selection disorder syndrome"? Indeed, there are a lot of knowledge about the choice of toothbrushes, and you even have to worry about whether to buy electric toothbrush. The following principles can help you choose toothbrushes easily.

The choice of brush head can be appropriately smaller

When buying a toothbrush, you must first look at the size of the brush head. It is recommended to choose a smaller brush head, and a smaller toothbrush for children. This is because the space of the posterior teeth area of the oral cavity is small, and it is difficult for a toothbrush with a big brush head to enter the posterior area of the molars, which will become a dead corner.
When treating patients, Dentists always find that the lower the teeth are, the worse the cleanliness is, and the amount of soft dirt, plaque and dental stone is more than that in other areas. The toothbrush of the brush head can rotate flexibly in the mouth, reaching all parts of the teeth, and it is not easy to leave sanitary dead corners.
Of course, the specific size of the brush head varies from person to person, and it cannot be blindly pursued to be small. Factors such as the size of the mouth and the degree of mouth opening need to be comprehensively considered. The American Dental Society suggests that adult toothbrushes should be: the brush head should be about 2.54-3.18 long, 0.79-0.95 wide and 2-4 rows of brushed hair. However, adults can also choose children's toothbrushes 2.3cm long and 0.8cm wide.

Ordinary people can choose soft hair toothbrush

The shape of the brush head is square and Diamond, and the arrangement of the bristles is flat, wavy or V-shaped, etc. As long as it is used correctly, teeth can be cleaned effectively.
As for the hardness of brushing, toothbrushes can be divided into medium-hard toothbrushes and soft-haired toothbrushes. Soft hair toothbrush has the advantage of little damage to teeth and gums, while the disadvantage is that it cannot completely remove thicker plaque and the cleaning efficiency is not high enough. Although the medium hard hair toothbrush has a good cleaning effect on teeth, it also has great abrasion and damage to teeth. When brushing teeth too hard, there will be the risk of damaging gums and even teeth.

Suggestions for selecting special groups

For people who have the habit of smoking, drinking coffee and drinking tea, if their teeth have pigmentation, they can use medium hard hair toothbrushes; The brushing of children's toothbrushes is softer than that of adult toothbrushes.
In addition, pay attention to whether the brushed hair has been brushed. After transverse cutting, if the brushing is not polished, it is easy to cause gum damage due to sharp edges. The brushed toothbrush can prevent this kind of injury and has stronger protective effect on gums. After buying a new toothbrush, first touch the brushed end face with your hand to see if there is any sharp, Burr, etc.

Toothbrush replacement frequency

After each brushing, wash the toothbrush, put the brush head upwards into the cup, and place it in a ventilated and dry place. It is generally believed that the brushed hair should be replaced when it is deformed, but even if the brushed hair does not have obvious deformation, the toothbrush should be replaced after using it for about three months, because after using the toothbrush for a certain period of time, the brushed hair will become aging and denatured, elasticity and hardness change. In addition, the use time is too long, and bacteria accumulate in bristles, which is unfavorable to oral health.

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