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Is electric toothbrush better? What are the benefits of electric toothbrushes

Date:2021-10-07 14:45
Is electric toothbrush better? What are the benefits of electric toothbrushes
Compared with traditional manual toothbrushes, the function of Electric Toothbrushes has been recognized by experts and consumers, and it feels better after brushing teeth. But why do electric toothbrushes that feel the same, some sold for thousands of yuan, and some sold relatively cheap?
Electric toothbrush is to use electric energy to drive brush head movement instead of hands to clean teeth. At present, the main types are mechanical rotary and acoustic vibration electric toothbrushes. However, due to the mechanical movement mode, it is easy to cause abrasion to the enamel on the tooth surface and bleeding gums, the sonic toothbrush mainly uses cavitation effect to clean teeth. The working principle is more high-tech, and the price is naturally higher.
However, even though some brands are Rotary, the prices are correspondingly increased due to the addition of other APP or Bluetooth management functions. At the same time, it can't be said that as long as the electric toothbrush with sound wave is better than the rotary toothbrush. After all, there are also many modes of sound wave vibration, including single frequency and automatic adjustment according to the actual use condition, prices vary greatly.

Hardware cost of electric toothbrush

If you remove an electric toothbrush, the main structure is as follows:
Is electric toothbrush better? What are the benefits of electric toothbrushes
As you can see, this picture is very traditional. Toothbrushes with no sense of design in appearance cannot be sold at a good price, but the structure is very representative.
Power supply:
Relatively poor electric toothbrushes are still using dry batteries. Short battery life, troublesome battery replacement, and unstable voltage during use. The new battery was just replaced as fierce as a small steel cannon. It almost ran out of power after being used for a few times. It was buzzing like a fly.
The expensive ones, such as high-end electric toothbrushes, use wireless charging technology. After one charge, it can be used for several weeks until the moment when the power in the machine body runs out, its vibration frequency is also quite stable. As the wireless charging technology becomes more and more mature, it is gradually being standard on the mid-end electric toothbrush.
The electric toothbrush with the wireless charging base will look much better, and it is more suitable for the whole body washing of the electric toothbrush. The application of this radio technology has greatly increased the cost of electric toothbrushes, so the price will increase.

Circuit board chip and its unique functions

Is electric toothbrush better? What are the benefits of electric toothbrushes
This is mainly the difference of algorithms, and each manufacturer has its own core algorithm. The high-tech we see is due to the difference of circuit board chips. As a consumer who has experienced several different brands and prices, they can still intuitively feel the price difference through their functions.

High-end electric toothbrush

Generally speaking, whether it is Rotary or acoustic wave type, the low-end toothbrush is basically equipped with automatic timing function, which usually stops working or reminds automatically within 2 minutes, and some have the transposition function of 30 seconds. But generally there is only a single motion mode, that is to say, only a single frequency.

Mid to high-end electric toothbrushes

It is equipped with many humanized functions. The most common one is the addition of 3 to 6 cleaning modes, which can automatically select the strong and weak vibration gears to meet the needs of deep cleaning or gum massage; as well as pressure sensing technology, remind users when brushing their teeth excessively to prevent abrasion.
There is also the "charging Cup" owned by the high-end electric toothbrush, which adopts NFC contact charging, and the toothbrush can be charged after being put in the cup. It is similar to wireless charging of mobile phones, and the small black technology like this is quite interesting.....
According to the angle of toothbrush and teeth, the vibration frequency and the direction of brushing can be adjusted automatically, that is to say, each angle of teeth can be cleaned with the most appropriate vibration force, it also avoids excessive abrasion of gums due to excessive strength. It is quite humanized to truly realize more efficient and comfortable oral cleaning and gum massage.
In fact, when the toothbrush and tooth surface are 90 degrees, the brush head will vibrate in parallel and gently; When the toothbrush and tooth surface are 45 degrees, the brush head will rotate in a circle at a medium speed; When the toothbrush and tooth crown are 0 degrees, the brush head vibrates at high speed. The damage to gums is greatly reduced while ensuring efficient cleaning.
Therefore, these humanized functional designs which are full of fantastic ideas and considering the practical experience are often difficult to be configured with low-end toothbrushes at their costs.

Electric toothbrush head and bristles

Is electric toothbrush better? What are the benefits of electric toothbrushes
As a consumer, what they are most concerned about is the brush head of intimate contact with themselves. After all, the brush head is a part of direct contact with teeth, so it is also a very important part for the whole set of electric toothbrush.
In addition, the bristles on the brush head can also reflect the quality of the electric toothbrush. Generally speaking, the production cost of the fine soft brush head is higher than that of the coarse brush head. How to understand? According to the manual or miniature model, the smaller the size and the more fine the price is, because in order to achieve such precision in production, the production cost is actually increased, and the price is naturally higher.
Of course, some distinctive hard brushing specially designed to achieve a certain specific function will also increase its production cost.
First of all, the type, hard accessories and material of the electric toothbrushes they belong to constitute their basic prices, but their own characteristics humanized design technology is the main influencing factor to widen the price gap, of course, brand bonus and marketing expenses also affect the price to some extent.
Finally, the electric toothbrush only changes the way people brush teeth and improves the cleaning efficiency, and cannot completely replace the role of tooth cleaning. It is also very important to develop a good habit of going to the dentist and washing teeth regularly.

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