The ten advantages of the electric toothbrush over the manual

Date:2021-08-26 15:00

In addition to the traditional brush models, in which the shape and hardness of the bristles vary, we have had another option on the market for some time: the electric toothbrush.
Maybe you already know this type of brushes and you may even already use it. Even so, today we would like to tell you here ten advantages of electric toothbrushes compared to manual ones that you may not have thought about.

1. The regularity of movement

Electric toothbrushes perform their cleaning movements constantly.
Its vibration is automatic, so it does not depend on the user. When we clean ourselves with a manual brush, we randomly apply more or less pressure, we modify the speed of brushing and thus we do not clean our entire mouth in the same way.
With the electric toothbrush it is easier to achieve a uniform cleaning of all teeth.

2. Intensity of brushing

A good manual brushing achieves a few hundred movements per minute. This figure is well below that achieved by the electric toothbrush, which can reach 30,000 vibrations per minute. In this way, the cleaning achieved in the recommended two minutes of brushing is more thorough.

3. Different brushing functions in the same device

When we clean our teeth with a manual toothbrush, we don't have many options to change the way we brush. It's always the same. On the other hand, with the electric toothbrush there is the possibility of choosing different programs that provide specific benefits for teeth and gums, according to our needs at that time.

4. The two minutes recommended by dentists

With a manual toothbrush, we never usually get to the two minutes of brushing recommended by dentists. If we do not measure it, our perception is that we have spent more time cleaning than in reality.
With the electric toothbrush, having the programmed time, we get two minutes of real cleaning, divided into four intervals, one for each quadrant of the mouth. Thus we do not forget any area and we maintain the correct cleaning time.

5. New replacement when needed

This type of brush is usually designed in such a way that the head gradually loses its color and thus we will know, just by observing it, when it is necessary to replace it in order to achieve absolute cleaning effectiveness again.

6. How much force do you use when brushing?

Sometimes when we brush our teeth with the usual brush, we put too much pressure against the gums. This can be harmful, even damaging them. With an electric toothbrush , it is much easier to always clean with just the right intensity, not too hard and not too soft. Our gums will be healthier with its use.

7. Whiter teeth

The vibration produced by electric toothbrushes is more effective than manual tooth whitening brush. Electric toothbrushes better remove plaque and help reduce the build-up of tartar, which is so detrimental to oral health and aesthetics.

8. Orthodontic appliances

For people with fixed orthodontic systems in the mouth, the electric toothbrush is of great help, since it allows to remove the dirt accumulated between the wires in a correct way thanks to its rapid vibratory movements. By manual brushing it is much more difficult for orthodontic appliances to be perfectly clean. This is essential if we want to avoid infection problems in our mouth while we wear orthodontics.

9. Ease of use

This type of electrical device is designed to be very simple to use. Both handles and heads help people with mobility problems to easily grasp and handle the brush for effective brushing.

10. Electric toothbrush for children: yes or no?

There are electric toothbrushes that, due to their size and shape, can be used by the little ones.
These brushes make their work easier. Children often have trouble coordinating movements correctly when cleaning their teeth. In addition, thanks to the time control, we make sure that they are brushing the required two minutes. They also make that cleaning moment that many children reject more fun and motivating.

Accompanied by an adult

Of course, children under 8 years old should be accompanied by an adult during the process to avoid problems and ensure correct use of the device.
As we have seen, electric toothbrushes have many advantages over manual  toothbrushes.

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